Facebook testing feature to start group chats in posts like Instagram Chat stickers

Facebook could be working on bringing to its platform a feature that was newly introduced on Instagram. Chat stickers on Instagram became instantly popular among users that allowed them to start group chats right from the stories. Facebook is apparently testing the same feature in its app, right inside the ‘Create Post’ section.

Starting group chats could be easier with the Messenger Group Chat option in posts.

The social media platform is constantly looking for ways to increase engagement. Using Chat stickers on Instagram, users could ask their followers to join a group chat on a certain topic. The followers could request to join the chat and it’s up to the original poster on whom should be allowed. After approvals, all the users will be added to a group chat to discuss on the topic.

According to app researcher Jane Wong, Facebook is experimenting with this feature as well. Instead of relying on stories, a new ‘Chat’ option is visible in the list while creating a new post. Tapping on that brings up a small card in the post with ‘Chat’ and ‘Add people’ buttons. If this is similar to how the one on Instagram works, users can request to join the chat and or be added by the original poster before even posting.

This feature isn’t visible in the Facebook for Android app (version 238) for now. Just like every tiny new feature, it will see a gradual rollout once the testing is successfully completed.

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