Facebook Messenger down: Chatting app not working in latest outage - Server status updates


UPDATE ONE: Facebook Messenger has been experiencing issues for over an hour.

At the time of writing, Downdetector has registered almost 900 reports from users insisting the service is not working as normal.

More users have since flocked to Twitter to seek reassurance they are not the only ones experiencing issues with Facebook Messenger.

One said: “Is Facebook messenger down?”

A second tweeted: “Facebook Messenger is down. Apparently it didn’t like the extremely deep and meaningful conversation I was having with a good friend about life, the meaning of friendships, mental health, and clowns.”

ORIGINAL STORY: Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular third-party chatting clients in the world.

However, it seems this afternoon the programme has been hit by an outage affecting some of its user base.

Independent outage monitor Downdetector has registered over 700 reports from users insisting Facebook Messenger is not working properly.

An map on the site showed a number of European countries, including the UK, being affected.

Moreover, some parts of the US were also displayed to be experiencing problems with Facebook Messenger, too.

In response to the outage, a number of Facebook fans have migrated to Twitter to express their disappointment.

One said: “Waiting for #Facebook messenger to load.

“Good luck with that. It’s down.

“At least we can tweet about it.”

Another wrote: “Facebook Messenger is down AGAIN.”

A third declared: “Facebook messenger, down again?!”

Facebook has not yet acknowledged the outage many users are reporting.

Express.co.uk will be updating this page with the latest server status for Facebook.

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