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A scarecrow discovered on a Texas ranch was actually a human skeleton.

Viral image on Monday, August 26th, 2019 in a Facebook post

Sure, it’s only early September, but Halloween super stores are already moving into strip malls and Facebook users are sharing a spooky story online. 

“In the early 2000s, a man bought a ranch in Texas,” reads the Aug. 26 post (warning, it’s a disturbing photo). “He noticed a scarecrow in the middle of his land. He went up to it and smelt something rotting. He took the clothes off the scarecrow and discovered it was a human skeleton. This is the photo he took before authorities arrived.” 

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The image in the post is gruesome, showing what looks like a desiccated body hung on branches like a scarecrow. 

And, well, it is a scarecrow. The photo is from a blog called “The House of Marrow,” which has recent posts with titles like, “The Pumpkinrot Pilgrimage” and “Halloween 2013.” 

Back in March 2012, a post titled “Skeleton Country” featured the image in the Facebook post among other angles of the scarecrow. The post is tagged with two labels — props and scarecrows — and the person who posted the photo under the name “Marrow” responded to some commenters admiring his handiwork. 

“That’s fantastic,” someone wrote. “It’s sort of how I wish my scarecrow looked. Your anatomy looks great, too.” 

“Thanks so much!” Marrow replied. “He was originally going to have a cardboard box over his head … but it looked weird and awkward so I went with a burlap sack.” 

Marrow later wrote in comments that he took the photos at an abandoned farmhouse outside of Wellington, New Zealand. On section of a Halloween-themed internet forum called “props and prop building,” Marrow said that the scarecrow corpse was “built from scratch” using newspaper and masking tape.

We rate this Facebook post False.


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