Windows 10 alert: Microsoft dealt another blow as users plagued by more PC problems

Windows 10 was recently granted a new upgrade called KB4512941 that was supposed to resolve a number of known issues with the PC platform.

However, following its debut many fans complained the software was responsible for causing high CPU usage.

In particular, it was noted Microsoft’s esteemed virtual assistant, Cortana, was taking up to a whopping 90 percent of CPU usage in some instances.

However, it seems this is not the only issue affecting those that have obtained the KB4512941 update.

Now, some Windows 10 users are reporting the software’s Search functionality has also been adversely affected.

A number of Windows 10 fans have taken to Microsoft’s Community forum to insist KB4512941 is effectively breaking the Search bar.

It was noted those affected are able to load the tool and type inside it – however the Search bar is not producing any results, leaving users with a blank box.

Discussing the matter, one Microsoft fan said: “I have a group policy in place to disable the Windows search from searching the web.

“Everything was working fine until today when update KB4512941 was installed. The search menu is totally nonfunctional, when I disabled the gpo and restarted the system, everything was back to normal.

“Is anyone else having issues with the KB4512941 update? I have since uninstalled it.

“This is how the search menu looks now, no search results at all.”

The user attached an image of their search box with the KB4512941 update installed – an item was shown to have been requested for but the tool was displaying an empty box.

While some users have declared the problems caused by the new Microsoft update can be fixed by editing the Windows 10 Registry – it seems as though uninstalling KB4512941 is the safest bet.

To do this, users should head to Settings > Update and Security > View update history > Uninstall updates.

Microsoft has acknowledged the problems caused by its latest update.

However, it is currently unclear when any fixes will be released to users.

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