NASA Asks Students to Name the Rover

NASA Asks Students to Name the Rover

The next NASA Rover is on schedule to land on Mars in February 2021, but it’s still missing one vital component: a name. In order to create interest in the mission, and to inspire students to join in the STEM subjects that make space exploration possible, NASA is sponsoring a contest called Name the Rover. Open to K-12 students in US public, private, and home schools, it is an essay contest in which students will be asked to name the robotic space traveler and explain the reasons behind their chosen appellation. Check out the Rules of the contest!

Not a student?

Want to participate anyway? You can help judge the thousands of anticipated entries by signing up as a judge.

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Spotify Has In-App “Create Podcast’ Option

Spotify wants as many podcasts on its platform as possible, and it’s now testing a new button within its app that’ll encourage people to create one. Spotify acquired Anchor, a podcast creation technology company, earlier this year. Anchor is designed to make it easy for anyone to create a podcast by recording right off their phone. Spotify’s ownership of Anchor hasn’t been super obvious in either app, but it looks like that could be changing.

What’s particularly interesting about this test is that Spotify also owns a company called Soundtrap that recently launched a podcast creation tool. The difference is that Anchor is designed to be more casual, whereas Soundtrap is seen as more serious editing software that’s designed to be used in a studio setup, even if it’s at home. 

Even with this evolving technology, we can bet you that it’s no match for Equalman’s very own Super U Podcast!  

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Netflix Goes Inside Bill Gates’ Mind

A new Netflix documentary is going where no man has gone before: inside the complicated brain of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates is a three-part documentary that will come to the streaming service on Sept. 20.

Gates tweeted the trailer on Tuesday. “I hope you enjoy what they’ve put together,” he wrote. The series is directed by Davis Guggenheim, who won an Oscar for the 2007 documentary An Inconvenient Truth. In the trailer, Gates is asked to name his worst fear. “I don’t want my brain to stop working,” he says. In the trailer, others share thoughts on just how his brain works. 

Check out the trailer for yourself here:

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