Grandmas meet tech for the first time on Facebook with hilarious results

Facebook has skyrocketed in popularity and as a logical consequence, grandmothers have joined the social media platform. Due to their lack of tech know-how, these grandmas of Facebook have been using the social media website with hilarious results. The group of elderly women unintentionally posted funny bios underneath their Facebook profile, attracting the attention of Facebook users instantaneously.

DailyMail reported this when Kristin Hagan from Dayton, Ohio, shared her collection of old lady Facebook bios with Bored Panda earlier this week. The Facebook profile snapshot of these women sharing personal information has gained a lot of attention recently.

Facebook lets its users create a bio for themselves by sharing a little about themselves in max 101 characters. This bio then appears beneath the user’s profile picture. However, these women have taken this feature a step forward by sharing funny details about themselves as below:

While technology is no stranger to young teens and adults, we can’t say the same about elderly people. The tech industry is changing so rapidly that some may find it difficult to keep up with latest updates and inventions. These women have found themselves in the same loop, having no prior experience with forming bios.

Perhaps sharing so much information to make friends is not such a bad thing after all, especially since these women got over 161k shares and 101k comments.

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