Oru Kayak’s new model is more portable and lightweight.

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Oru Kayak Inlet
Chicory: A Colorful Tale
Elements: Earth
Oodles of Robots Bowl

Oru Kayak Inlet

This week, hang out with your kayaking buddies, a pup with a magic paintbrush, some of your favorite comics artists, a bunch of robots — or all of the above.

By Oru Kayak

Oru Kayak’s origami-inspired vessels fold up into a carrying case, making it easier to embark on spontaneous aquatic adventures. They’re designing a new model that’s lighter, easier to assemble, and even more portable — all thanks to a shiny new fold pattern.

By Greg Lobanov

Play as a dog named Pizza and use your magic paintbrush to explore, solve puzzles, and make friends. The indie team behind Wandersong and Celeste is developing a new video game for fans of art, puppies, and Technicolor adventures.

By Taneka Stotts

The second volume in the award-winning Elements series will share sci-fi and fantasy stories full of heart, magic, and soul from comics artists of color. The common theme: a connection to the Earth.

By Don Moyer

The name says it all: Don Moyer’s latest Calamityware creation is a delightful porcelain bowl festooned with robot friends.

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