Dad lured into alleyway, beaten and robbed by 'Facebook car seller'

Gian Bocchetti travelled 170 miles from Bournemouth only to be robbed (Picture: BPM Media)

A 36-year-old man travelled more than 170 miles to buy a car from a man he met online only to be set upon by a brutal gang of robbers.

Gian Bocchetti ventured from Bournemouth to Birmingham meet the car seller at New Street Station on Tuesday night.

He bought the car via a Facebook ad and arranged to meet up late at night in the city centre to pick it up.

But instead, Mr Bocchetti was left injured and stripped of his valuables in an unfamiliar city with no means of getting home.

After meeting at the busy railway station he was led into an alleyway in the Chinese Quarter where two men stood waiting for him.

He was punched by the three men and robbed of the cash-packed rucksack he had brought along for the purchase.

The dad has posted a warning on Facebook after the robbery (Picture BPM Media)
He was lured into an ambush after arriving at New Street Station, Birmingham (Picture: REX)

The gang fled the scene, leaving their victim with nothing to return home.

Mr Bocchetti took selfies  showing his ripped t-shirt at Digbeth Coach Station in the aftermath of the robbery at around 11.30pm.

He warned others of the dangers of purchasing cars off social media as police continue to hunt the attackers.

He said: ‘Police filled in a report but I am completely hopeless.

‘This is just a heads up for everyone out there not to ever agree to a sale on Facebook demanding things and asking you to rush with money.’

West Midlands Police confirmed it was investigating the attack and that no arrests had been made.

A spokesman for Facebook added: ‘As discussed, Facebook’s Help Centre contains a range of advice for users, including on how to stay safe when purchasing products on Facebook Marketplace.’

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