Jealous boyfriend forced girlfriend to reveal Facebook password by beating her with a hammer – The Sun

A JEALOUS lover forced his girlfriend to give him her Facebook password by beating her with a hammer, a court heard.

Oscar Blackall, 20, became obsessed with what Alyshia Connorton was doing as their relationship began to deteriorate.


Oscar Blackhall attacked his girlfriend with a hammer to get her Facebook passwordCredit: INS News

She suffered extensive bruising in the attack in Newbury, Berks.

Judge Emma Nott, told Blackall: “You deliberately took up a hammer and repeatedly hit her with it in a methodical manner because she would not give you the log in, causing a significant amount of pain.

“Each time you asked her to log in to Facebook so you could monitor her activity. Each time you hit her harder for your wholly unreasonable demand.

“By the time she was kicked she was curled up on the floor. Having been tortured enough she gave you the details and you were satisfied with what you saw and let her go but unfortunately for you you went to her place of work and started shouting at her and you were arrested.

“While it is right that you caused no fractures, the sustained assault with a hammer left bruising followed by kicking, effectively leaving the victim black and blue,” she added.

Defending the case, John Barnard said: “Mr Blackall has already spent 55 days in custody and there were no serious injuries.”

The judge rebutted the no injury claim by saying: “It is a quite deliberate sustained assault with a hammer and he finished it with his feet. There was a multiplicity of injuries, how is it anything other than greater harm?

Blackall, of no fixed address, was jailed for 16 months at Reading crown court. He admitted assault causing ABH and causing criminal damage to her phone and laptop.

 Oscar was sentenced to 16 months at Reading crown court


Oscar was sentenced to 16 months at Reading crown courtCredit: INS News

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