Facebook helps Brighton man find woman he met at Pride

A PRIDE party-goer has been reconnected with a woman he met during the festival weekend after a Facebook appeal.

Dan Kragh, from Lower Rock Gardens, Brighton, was having a good time with friends at the St James’s Street Village Party when he met a woman named Valerie.

He ended up going back to Valerie’s house, along with her friend Hannah and some others.

Valerie went to bed and Dan spent the evening chatting to Hannah.

By Dan’s own admission he was extremely drunk and didn’t remember to note Valerie’s number, so in a bid to get in touch with her posted a heartfelt message on the Facebook page Brighton People.

The post, which was shared and liked hundreds of times, said: “On Pride Saturday I had an awesome night, turbulent but very much enjoyable.

“I met a girl, her name is Valerie, she had the most amazing smile and soulful eyes.

“I didn’t get any way of contacting her, so if anyone here knows a Valerie that lives just off St James’s Street, and lives with Hannah and her girlfriend, could you please let Valerie know I’d like to see her again please?”

The people of Brighton came to Dan’s aid spectacularly, with the post receiving 80 shares and more than 300 comments.

And it worked, as on Monday Valerie was found.

Dan said a friend of Hannah’s saw the post and got in touch with her, she then got in touch with Valerie to let her know, and when Dan woke up on Tuesday morning he was delighted to see a message from his lost woman.

Dan, who works as a tree surgeon, said: “We’re hoping to meet up this weekend coming, but depends a bit on work commitments.

“Maybe nothing comes of it, but I think it’s worth pursuing to see what happens.

“Worst case scenario I’ve met new friends.”

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