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Everyone is a geek about something. We’re way too into this TV show, we listen to this band’s album over and over, we can recite lines from this play in our sleep, we live and die by this restaurant. Or this novel, this artist, this blog. It’s our obsession, our passion, our odd fascination. It’s just so very: us.

Bacon Eggs & Geek began simply as my place to post personal thoughts on various pop culture phenomena. It was my geek home. Then I had some friends over to share their own personal geek stories. Now it’s a party and you are welcome to join.

The highest performing stories are from featured writers:

Why I Plan On Watching ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Dumb
by Rod T Faulkner

On Master of None: Decisions, Decisions and The Paths We Choose
by Eugenia Vela

Coding is Kinda Like Cooking
by Ruti Wajnberg

Bacon Eggs & Geek is as much about the person writing the story as it is about the subject of those stories.

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