Cameron Coward

Raspberry Pi computers are amazing for a lot of reasons, and their small size is one of their biggest selling points. That’s especially true of the Raspberry Pi Zero W, which is a complete single-board computer (SBC) is an impressively small footprint. Of course, you will want a case to protect the circuit board, and we see a lot of Raspberry Pi enclosures here at Hackster. But Redditor Senpailord1234 has found the most adorable enclosure: an old novelty “computer” radio housing.

This novelty radio comes from the ‘90s — an era when computers were a cool new thing worthy of mimicking. But this wasn’t actually a computer at all, it was just an AM/FM radio designed to look like a tiny beige computer, complete with CRT monitor. Senpailord1234 thought it’d be cool to turn it into an actual working computer, and chose a Pi Zero W for the job.

They started by cracking open the radio housing, where there was plenty of room inside to mount the tiny Raspberry Pi. They then connected a small LCD screen to the Raspberry Pi and mounted it in the “monitor” portion of the radio housing. A speaker is also connected through a I2S DAC to play music. Finally, an extra SPI SD card slot was added and placed behind the faux floppy drive of the radio housing. Senpailord1234 can load that up with music, and then insert it like a floppy disk to play that music and videos on the itty bitty computer.

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