Slay Dragons... And Beverages With This Skyrim Bottle Opener

Saving the land of Tamriel from certain apocalypse by slaying one dragon at a time can be tiring. As a Dragonborn, we can only do so much before exhausting ourselves or getting distracted by that random cave or tomb. So, rewards are due and we’re not talking about Septims or measly dragon souls; we’re talking about cracking a cold one open with the boys.. the Stormcloak boys with a Skyrim bottle opener.

Yes, they are rebels but compared to the greedy Imperials, they are the lesser evil. In that regard, you’ll want their help not just with saving the land of Skyrim, but also with opening your bottled beverages. Presenting, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Stormcloak Sigil Bottle Opener, made by the Nords (sort of) for the Nords. Now you can drink whatever an ice-cold beer (or ale, if you’re feeling more immersive) while freezing your gonads off in Skyrim.


The Skyrim bottle opener costs only $12; that is a lot less than what the Imperials will charge you for their bottle opener. It’s also made out of heavyweight metal. That means it is as sturdy as it can be to match your thirst for mead. The said bottle opener is also a faithful recreation of the famed Stormcloak sigil; check out the stunning attention to detail and accuracy.


Apart from being able to show off your allegiance to the Nord rebellion, you can also put the bottle opener on display. The Skyrim bottle opener comes with a magnet at the back which lets you stick it to the fridge. You can basically turn the whole fridge door into a map of your Stormcloak rebel forces with these.

Don’t wait around until the Empire gains an advantage, though. Support the Stormcloak rebellion! Get your own Skyrim bottle opener.

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