Great escapes, from drone filmmaking to retro video games.

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Moment Air
Destination Fantastic
The Decline of Mall Civilization
Away: The Survival Series

Moment Air

We all need to get away sometimes. Whether you’re settling back in after a too-short holiday or just wishing for a little extra break in your day, these projects offer a reprieve from routine.

By Moment

Escape into the air — at least with your camera. The photography and videography buffs at Moment have designed a new anamorphic lens, filters, and cases to help you take your drone filmmaking to new heights.

By Creoqode

Escape into video-game nostalgia, wherever you are. London-based design and technology studio Creoqode is back to create a handheld, Raspberry Pi–powered DIY device that can emulate any classic console.

By Stefan Pokorny and Satine Phoenix

Escape to castles, dungeons, and other real-life places that have inspired fantasy-genre lore. Dungeon masters Stefan Pokorny and Satine Phoenix are producing a documentary travel show that explores mythological origin stories and their impact on the world of D&D.

By Michael Galinsky

Escape to a bygone era of mall rats and teased hairdos. The follow-up to Michael Galinsky’s popular photo book Malls Across America will include new images documenting ՚80s U.S. mall culture. Radical!

By Breaking Walls

Escape humanity altogether in this video game set in a people-free future. Indie studio Breaking Walls hopes to merge the thrill of a survival-adventure game with the lush landscapes of a nature documentary.

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