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July Social Media Trends

Social media marketing is one of
the fastest changing forms of marketing online and this past month was no
exception! There has been a whole host of new features and updates that have
rolled out so without further ado let’s dive into some of this month’s social
media trends.

Facebook Makes Ad Targeting More Transparent

Facebook’s latest transparency
lets users see more information about how advertisers are reaching
them. The changes include providing Facebook users with reasoning behind why
they are being shown specific ads beyond simple demographic match or internet
history. Facebook will now provide more detailed information such as specific
interests and categories which led to a match being made. Users will now be presented
with a tab with two sections; one detailing advertisers who uploaded a list
with user’s information and advertised to its and another with a list of
businesses who uploaded and shared a list with a user’s information.

Instagram Introduces New Chat Stickers for Stories

This month, Instagram introduced new chat stickers
for stories
which let users invite their follower to join a new group chat.
The new feature, called Chat Sticker, lets users place a sticker on their story
which friends can tap to request access to the chat. The owner of the group
chat can then choose who they want to let join.

Pinterest’s browsable catalogs put prices front and center

You can now do your
shopping from within Pinterest! On a quest to become your go-to social network
for shopping
, Pinterest  is adding a new button that says “More
from [brand]” under Product Pins. Tapping on the button takes you to
the brand’s browsable catalog, which clearly shows you each product’s
price and gives you a way to shop and choose what you want to buy from within
the platform itself. When you click through an item, you’ll be taken to
the retailer’s website, so you make a purchase.

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