hidden leaf naruto cap

No one said it would be easy storming Area 51. It’s a highly defended US military base, after all. Anyone who plans to (seriously or jokingly) invade the area in Arizona, US needs a good strategy or tactic and that happens to be the famed “Naruto run.” How effective it is against artillery fire or military-grade rounds is still debatable. However, you’d be handicapping yourself if you Naruto run without this Hidden Leaf Naruto cap.

We present you the Naruto leaf black snapback cap. It’s pretty much a less intense and more casual version of the popular forehead protectors. Everyone in Naruto wears it to symbolize their faction. It comes in black color with a white Hidden Leaf emblem to emphasize that you’re the good guy.

hidden leaf naruto cap

The cap is snapback, meaning it can be adjusted to fit different head sizes or different anime hairstyles. When not assaulting Area 51 with your friends or with the two million people who claimed they are attending the said Facebook event, you can use the Hidden Leaf Naruto cap for baseball or strengthen your Naruto run.

We would have recommended the forehead protector because it looks cooler than the Hidden Leaf Naruto cap; still, Arizona is a sunny place. You wouldn’t want the sunlight to blind you, especially if you come under fire from the military for storming Area 51. That means you can still show your allegiance to Konoha while protecting your eyesight.

The cap is officially licensed and will only set you back for $16.99; that already comes with a 15 percent discount for you casual ninjas out there. So, in case you’re not confident with your Naruto run skills for Area 51, unleash your special Jutsu with this Hidden Leaf Naruto cap.

Show the US army that you have a secret weapon of your own.

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