Millions of people and businesses are competing with each other to grab their target audience’s attention on Social Media.

It’s the age of multimedia and graphics.

People are not interested in in long blocks of text. When they are searching for information, tips, or advice, they want it presented in a to-the-point, and easy to digest manner.

You are missing a trick if you are not incorporating videos or graphics into your content marketing strategy.

Infographics allow you to grab people’s attention. Your target audience will really appreciate if you can present information in a brief but effective way.

They are more likely to share an interesting infographics or visuals with their contacts as compared to lengthy articles.

It’s not difficult to search and come up with information, facts, and figures to use in an Infographic. However, designing a visually compelling graphic is not easy. Hiring professional designers and desining from scratch can cost a lot.

A professionally designed infographic template can make your life easier.

We’ve compiled a list of some free but amazing infographic templates.

Let’s have a look:

Sports and Fitness Infographic Template

If you are targeting sports, health, or fitness niche, then the following template is the perfect fit.

You can easily share and highlight information related to exercise, diet, rest, and other health related info.

It starts with a brief paragraph, followed by a section each for sport/activity, diet, and health.

Information Technology Infographics:

This template is meant for Infographics related to Information Technology but you can also use it for topics like cyber security, online business, online marketing, social media, web design, and the likes.

The dark background makes it eye catching and the data is presented in a clear and concise manner.

Water Theme Infographics

This one is meant for water and environment related topics.

Eco-friendly businesses can use it to highlight their environment friendly procedures. Similarly, environment bloggers or non-profit organizations can also use this infographic for public awareness.

Modern Design Infographic

This one is multi-purpose template that you can use for almost any topic or niche (with a little bit of variation). It comes with a kit that includes world map, multiple pie charts and graphs, gender elements. It’s one of the best free infographic template but you will have to be a subscriber to be able to download.

Free Infographics Ui Elements PSD Template

If you are looking for a simple and easy to use template then go for the following one.

It doesn’t have an illustration or a specific icon. There are charts, graphs, line charts, and other shapes that you can use for just about any purpose. All of these elements can be edited and modified easily in Photoshop and you can choose a different background or make other changes to use the same template in many different infographics.

Free Banners Collections Infographic Template

This is not a template but a huge collection of Infographics banner. With a little bit of creativity and basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, you can easily make dozens of infographics of all shapes and sizes.

All in One Design Infographics 

This is a very colorful template with plenty of pie charts, bars, graphs, and multiple elements to highlight population, users, locations, and a lot more.

Creative Circle Business Theme Infographics

If you want to make your infographic look different than the majority, then use the following one. Not all infographics need to have charts or percentages. You can use it for advertising business, project management, marketing, research, or team work related infographics.

Education Theme Infographics

Learning infographic is good for sites or blogs related to education, degrees, certifications, learning, or training in general. It’s a very simple and eye catching design, which means you don’t have to gather a lot of information or statistics to create an infographic.

Free EPS file Set of Economy elements infographics

It’s not a multi-purpose template, but in case you are looking to create an infographic related to economy, especially the manufacturing related information, this can be a great choice.

Square Infographics Design 

Just like the circle infographic we discussed earlier, this one is a simple design with square that you can use for list posts or content focusing on certain numbers. Each square is accompanied by a title and some description, but there’s no industry specific icon or image, so you can use it for a topic of your liking.

Modern Timeline Design Infographics

Use this template to highlight your business or product timeline. Timeline data or business history can add a lot of credibility to your business which is important for brand awareness and conversions. You can easily edit the years, dates, and events to suit your business or product. You can also use it to highlight a procedure as well.

Free Numbered Infographic Design Vector

If you are looking to turn a blog post into infographic, then this one if the easiest to use. Use the big text area in the middle to highlight crux of the matter and the numbered spaces in the corners to mention main points or headings in the post.

Cute festa junina brochure Infographic Template

It can be used as an infographic as well as a brochure or a simply eye catching image. You can also use it for personal blog or announcement.

Infographic Vector Element

It’s a pack of vector elements that you can use to design an infographic with lots of data, statistics, facts, and figures. It includes almost all important elements like location, gender, people, graphs, charts, and banners.

Free Vector Infographic Design Elements

Vector packs make it really easy to create an infographic, given that you know how to use a vector editor. For example, the following pack comes with the elements like Analytics, World Map, Statistics, and Charts, and that’s pretty much all you need to create a visually stunning design.

Minimal Style Infographics

It’s one of our favorite templates that you can use to repurpose blog posts or articles into an infographic. It starts with a title, followed by five distinctive text areas to highlight the most important points in your post.

Set of Charts Theme Infographics 

If you are looking for a complex infographic with lots of data and statistics, then use the elements in the following vector set. It comes with a huge collection of elements that you can use for many different purposes.

Retro Style Elements Infographics 

Looking for a retro style infographic? What about the following one?

Maps style infographics are getting quite popular so you can create one with this template and highlight people preferences in different states or cities. Make sure it’s relevant to your target industry and you will surely receive a lot of likes and shares from your target audience.

100+ Infographic Elements

This is probably the biggest collection of infographic elements. It has everything from graphics, maps, icons, timelines, banners, layers, you name it.

You can highlight your case study, research, surprising facts, procedures, and so much more. Each element or icon is a separate file so you can modify and use in many different ways.

Vector Infographics Elements

Another huge set of elements that you can use for infographics related to financial companies, banks, or any other industry.
















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