Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency to Mine

Everyone talking about is Crypto Mining still profitable in 2019, like every other line of work, has its own ups, and downs. It is not groundless to question its profitability in the times to come. But my short and simple answer is YES. Today I’m going to show you the top 5 best cryptocurrency to mine with best asic miners you can use for their mining.

If you are considering and little bit research on coins so it is a very profitable game till now. So that is why today I’m going to show you which coins you can mine profitable + which miners work profitably with these cryptocurrencies. So we are only discussing on ASIC miners because of these miners still profitable in 2019.

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Based on the increasing popularity of ASIC, it is fairly just to say that it will be playing a predominant part in determining the course of mining in 2019.

ASIC basically stands for ‘Application-Specific Integrated Circuit’. These are found in almost any electronic device, and their functions range from sound conversion to the custom rendering of images. ASIC is a proprietary technology as every particular kind is only available to the company that manufactured them.

Structurally, it is kind of a handheld computer or transmission protocol. It is built for a specific application or purpose. Since it is designed to perform a single function only, it excels at performing that particular task. It cannot mine different coins on different algorithms. Also, unlike CPU and GPU, ASIC can solve complex algorithms at a very fast rate.

Currently, a number of companies are designing ASIC miners including, Bitmain and Canaan. All sorts of mining hardware, including ASIC miners, are quite expensive. Therefore, one must be careful when investing in the best ASIC miner.

It is important to consider its features, price, and profitability before purchasing one. The best possible mining hardware offers a high hash rate, stability, and efficiency in terms of power consumption. With the right machine, one can mine over a hundred dollars in a single day.

One must remember that ASIC hardware produces a lot of heat and noise. Hence, it should be properly ventilated and maintained to ensure a longer lifespan and efficient performance.

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Choosing which coin to mine to attain the maximum output can be quite a tricky task. For that very reason, several mining calculators have been developed.

To calculate ASIC mining profitability, ASIC Miner Value is a good place to go. It is a convenient and reliable site, in terms of usage and data. The site is practically updated every minute. Also, it is entirely free of referral links.

Although ASIC Miner Value is definitely a go-to website, but like every other site, it has its own pros and cons. The downside of ASIC Miner Value is that it does not take off scams. At times, it may display devices that are not released yet. Such interned vaporware cannot be relied upon.

On the contrary, searching for miners on ASIC Miner Value is much easier. An algorithm can be used to search for miners. For example, putting up a term like X11 provides an insight of Dash miners. That’s because it is synonymous with Dash Mining.

Owing to its performance, ASIC Miner Value is far better than any other mining profitability calculator for finding best cryptocurrency to mine.

Along with considering hardware specifications, selecting the right cryptocurrency also holds immense importance.

ASIC’S can mine any cryptocurrency as long as they are programmed to mine it using a specific algorithm. However, it is not wise to mine a cryptocurrency without an in-depth knowledge of its potential. Therefore, it’s important to know about the best coins to mine before investing your time and resources on it.

Some of the best cryptocurrency to mine with a Best ASIC Miner is:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)

Primarily, Z-cash cryptocurrency is traded for Bitcoins so as to build a holding position in Bitcoin.

Apparently, Zcash is a dynamic industry with limited saturation. Therefore, mining ZCASH is still profitable in 2019. Especially for beginners who are not well-equipped or do not possess an in-depth knowledge of the mining world.

Considering the Zcash stats over the last 6 months, the hashrate has steadily increased with the release of new devices.

Zcash ASIC miners are quite limited in number. However, each one of them performs exceptionally.

Based on Equihash mining algorithm, Antminer Z11 mines with a maximum hashrate of 135 ksol/s. It operates at 12 V with a power consumption of 1418 W. It is equipped with 2 fans, 3 chipboards and has a noise level of 70 dB.

A9++ ZMaster was released in May 2019. It is 3 times faster than its predecessor and operates at 1550 W with 93% efficiency. It weighs about 11 Kg.

Designed by Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency of the present time.

Mining Bitcoins can be quite profitable with the right strategy and equipment. This godfather of cryptocurrency is based on 24 hours issuance. With 100% Proof-of-Work, all the coins are distributed to miners.

Despite the fact that the price of every coin is halved every year, Bitcoin mining promises high rewards. There are 15 million U.S dollars to grab every single day.

Most of the ASIC Bitcoin Miners available today, are based on the Secure Hash Algorithm — 256 (SHA-256). This cryptographic security is also available in different versions including SHA-1, SHA-2, and SHA-512.

To look for the best asic miners, all you have to do is search for “SHA -256” on ASIC Miner Value. One must bear in mind, the search bar does not bring up an all-cure list. As mentioned earlier, it may miss out on a few devices or display scamming devices. However, best ASIC Bitcoin devices that you should look for are:

Released in April 2019, Bitmain’s Antminer S17 (56th) is also known as Antminer S17-
56 TH/s.
This model has 3 chipboards with 144 chips of about 7nm each. It weighs 9500 grams and a compact construction. Equipped with 4 fans, it does not produce much heat. However, its noise level is 82 dB.
Operating at 12V, the device consumes only 2520 W.

2- A
This model was released in September 2017 by Bitmain.
In comparison to Antminer S17 (56th), it is lighter in weight and smaller in size. However, it is equipped with 2 fans only. This increases the probability of heating up. Moreover, it operates at a fluctuating voltage, ranging from 11.60 V to 13.00 V.

If you looking for the best cryptocurrency to mine so this is one of them. Commonly recognized as Bitcoin’s rival, Ethereum mining promises high-rewards in the long run. It might not be as profitable as other coins if you are searching for quick returns or short-term investment.

It issues 3.6 million dollars worth of coins in every 24 hours which are completely distributed to the miners.

Consequently, it has a decreasing hashrate network. Despite being a drawback, it benefits many new miners. Ethereum mining is good for a start as the mining hardware is also available at cheap rates.

A number of ASIC Ethereum miners are available today including;

Based on Ethash algorithm, AntMiner E3 is manufactured by Bitmain. With a power consumption of 760 W and a hashrate of 190.0 MH/s, the device has a reputation of 94% profit ratio.

This model is available in three different modifications:

All three of the models are expensive, in comparison to AntMiner E3. Also, this model consumes lesser power. Therefore, its profitability is greater than that of AntMiner E3.

Created in 2011, Litecoin is considered to be the second-best cryptocurrency to mine. With a low electric rate and the right setup, Litecoin mining will be unbelievably profitable.

In 2019, Litecoin may not be as profitable for those who do not have a sound understanding of how to block halving works. That’s because the next Litecoin halving is expected in August 2019.

Generally, the company issues 2 million new coins. To mine these coins, the best ASIC miner is:

Antminer L3++, world’s most popular scrypt miner, may be hard to obtain but has an incredibly efficient performance. With a hash rate of 596 MH/s and power consumption of 1050 W. With cheap electricity rates, this miner can do wonders.

Being inexpensive, this model is a godsend favor to experienced miners. It operates at 750 W and has a hashrate of 620 MH/s.

Basically, Dash is a decentralized electronic mode of payment. It is a digital currency that was primarily inspired by Bitcoin.

A Dash Coin uses Power-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism which ensures the safety of the crypto coin. Additionally, it operates using X11 algorithm which uses 11 different hashing algorithms, eliminating the possibility of hacking.

When looking for the right miner to mine Dash coins, you need to consider a couple of things. These are:

  • Highest hashrate
  • Associated Power Usage

Collectively, these determine the profit generated per day. Some of the best ASIC miners are:

Manufactured by a reputable company named Spondoolies, SPX-36 was released in September 2018. It weighs about 19500 grams and has a noise level of up to 75 dB. With a rack format of 2U, it has an unbelievably high hashrate of 540 Gh/s. It operates at 4400 W. Also, this model is capable of mining about 10 coins per month.

Bitmain’s Antminer D3 is one of the leading and most popular Dash Miner. It has an impressive hashrate of 19.3 GH/s. This miner consumes 1350 W and hence its efficiency rate is 0.07 J/MH. Its profitability mainly depends on the difficulty level and price.

All in all, mining is still very much profitable in 2019 as long as you choose the right hardware and best cryptocurrency to mine. To make the right choice, consider all your options. You may as well want to save your initial investment from going down the drain. It’s better to look for an best ASIC miner that promises greater efficiency and offers greater specifications at a relatively low rate. If you want to learn more about cryptocurrency visit my .

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