How to research your audience through social media – April Ford

I was recently asked by a friend how to use social media to research and leverage an audience to better plan future product selection and promotions. It’s a great question so here are four tips anybody can use to research an audience through social media.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Facebook advertising is a marketer’s dream. Not only can you target people through a combination of demographics, behaviours and interests; you can also use it to research the size of your potential target market.

Did you know that 3000–3500 people living on the Sunshine Coast between the ages of 18–55 have an upcoming birthday (within the next seven days)? Or, 5000–6000 people in Buderim share an interest in Property? How about the 40,000 people in Queensland over the age of 50 who are interested in first class travel?

Through Facebook Audience Insights this data is readily available as part of the campaign creation tool used when placing an ad.

Instagram is a great visual research tool that you can use anywhere and anytime to gauge the volume and commentary surrounding ideas simply by searching for a hashtag or location through the app. If you search #buderim you’ll find there are 46,759 public posts of the area and upon closer inspection you’ll see that one of the main draw-cards of the area is Buderim Forest Waterfall, also known as ‘Serenity Falls’.

You can also research your potential client accounts or followers to see the conversations they’re having and who they’re following (that’s if their profile is public or you’re connected to each other). You can even talk to them directly; similar to running a small focus group. 🤯

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