Best Ways To Use VR to Boost Engagement in Facebook Groups

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VR is a staple of science fiction movies and books. However, we are seeing more and more of it in businesses. There are live games being held, concerts, advertisements and so on. It’s changing the way we see the word both literally and figuratively. While you may have not thought of using it for business tool, it can definitely be that. Everyone is excited for the potential that VR can have in the business industry.

Entrepreneurs and business people want to use the potential of VR and it’s a completely new world everyone is really excited for.

VR creates a great opportunity for everyone and a new place that could make the business world better and more interesting. A large number of companies and enterprises are getting into VR and exploring all of the possibilities while investing in the sector. VR is a promising tool for all businesses and a great thing if you want to boost your engagement on Facebook. It will help you stand out and your group will pop.

Here are some tips on how to do that:


Facebook Spaces is a platform that is still growing and changing and there isn’t a lot to do there. But, it can be amazing since some Facebook employees are already using it for their meetings instead of meeting in the real space. It promises great benefits for various meetings and advantages for people who are too introverted to meet in person. This gives everyone an equal opportunity to be heard and seen.

Facebook ran its own tests on VR as a meeting platform. It became obvious that the conversation is just as comfortable as the conversation is in real life, only even more so for people that are more introverted. Most of introverts and people who are always restrained in meetings were now engaged and actively contributing.

Researchers also checked the EEG readings of people talking via VR and all of them showed optimum range for engaging and remembering.

This means that it’s much better than email where it’s easy to be misunderstood or phone calls where it’s easy to feel disconnected and distracted. Meeting through VR changes all of these things.

Create a VR show

VR show creates an interesting experience for all of the people involved. The statistics are surprising in this area. VR technology doesn’t have a high penetration rate yet but the global market size. But when you exclude the low penetration, the VR is getting results.

“The groups that have included VR in their offer have been extremely successful in their engagement and growth rate as well. Engagement is boosting even more so and people are finding more great ways to discuss things,” says Elina Barbs, a Senior Marketer at Essay Services and UK Writings.

In this segment and in this audience, the groups that are providing VR shows are also filling a gap in the market. People who engage are more likely to be the people who want to engage with VR on the business side of things and they are early adopters.

Promote VR content exclusively

Companies are working on finding specific uses for VR that Facebook is definitely supporting. Showcase this aspect of the platform and it will grow in the future. It will be useful for all sorts of things. It can be used for 3D photos, videos, people can have walkthroughs and so on. This content can be created and shared through Facebook groups exclusively. You can invite people from other platforms in and let them know that there is VR content there. People would be able to look at and object from multiple angles. While brands are doing this on their websites already, you could specialize in posting VR content to your Facebook group specifically.

“One of the most important things is to find people who are early adopters of this and other technologies so that they can engage with it and boost your groop. Because there isn’t a lot of content of this type out there you can be really successful,” says Stella Frank, a Project Manager at Academized and Essayroo.

There is no reason to miss out on this opportunity when the new technology, VR in this case is amazing, useful and fresh. The sky’s the limit when it comes to VR and there is no way to know for sure what can happen and what this type of technology can do for humanity. Give it a try with your own page and see how it drives your engagement. This is definitely a great way to boost your traffic and number of members because the content is innovative and interesting.

Chloe Bennet is an email marketer and writer at State Of Writing and Big Assignments. She develops new marketing strategies and reviews trends in communication. Chloe teaches academic writing at Assignment Writers Australia portal.

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