How to Boost Your Brand’s Instagram Profile in 5 Easy Steps

Hello, online community! Welcome back to the channel, today we’re talking all about how to boost your brand’s Instagram Profile in 5 easy to follow steps, so stay tuned and let’s dive right in!

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Today, we’re talking about five quick and easy to follow steps you can take to automatically boost your Instagram Profile for your brand.

Optimize your profiles.

You have to think of your online profiles the same way you picture your storefront. If someone is walking past, and if the store isn’t very inviting or connecting to the community around, they just keep walking right past it.

Connect With Others in Your Niche.

You HAVE to push through the barrier of waiting for your community to find and connect with you. Take ownership of your brand by searching hashtags and keywords relevant to your niche, and follow and reach out to people who are interested in what you pursue to learn what brings people to the platform effectively and adaptability.

Post Regularly.

If you want to exponentially grow your account, and take full advantage of the built-in tools of social media, you are going to have to get a consistent schedule of content going to ensure that you are covered each and every day. Consistency is key in providing value to your community and getting your contributions engaged in and pursued.

Use Relevant Hashtags.

Remember that you have a total of 20–30 hashtags to work with on average in your content to help maximize your potential growth — although as long as you stay committed to the ones you choose using fewer hashtags can sometimes be just as effective. The trick is finding the relevancy to the value you are proposing to your community.

Post With a Purpose.

If you want to reach your goals online, it’s imperative that you take a serious moment to assume the purpose behind your content creations. What are you trying to achieve? To inspire, inform, motivate, sell, cross-promote, no matter what it is — it’s important you lay it all out and commit to your passion.

It takes a lot to run a successful small-medium sized business, and then to turn around and completely start over online — we get that. Our services provide a simple “one-stop-shop” solution at affordable rates that allow your business to succeed, however, you can join us here every week where we will cover a different industry-related topic — and dive into the importance and strategies surrounding the pillars of online branding and ranking optimization.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: I would love to hear from you in the comments; What is your favorite part of Instagram? Where do you spend the most time looking; the explore page, certain hashtags? Head down and let me know in the comments section below where we can connect and start up a conversation.

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