4 Tasks Small Business Owners Should Outsource in their Business

One of the mistakes I made in managing and growing my side hustle and business was trying to do everything on my own — this is a key challenge for many entrepreneurs and side-hustlers. Admittedly, I have suffered from the Superhero Syndrome, preaching to myself that I can do it, I can do it, I can do it! And then crashing and burning — feeling like never accomplished anything after juggling all the balls in the air and not making progress.

You might be great at a number of things, but spending all the time in your business doing the all operational work without space to think creatively can be a drag. Like you, what I have found was, I was not only spending time doing things I was great at but also doing things I wasn’t great at, focusing on things that weren’t my strength and spending less time focusing on the tasks that would help me to generate more in my business.

Having Superhero Syndrome is prevalent among entrepreneurs and small business owners who believe they can do everything on their own without delegating. Sounds like someone you know? Guilty *raises hands slowly*

So how do you know when to outsource something? The Muse shared, there are three criteria to know when to outsource and I would suggest asking these questions:

  • Am I procrastinating on this task? What do you keep putting off?
  • Do I dread starting this task?
  • Am I awesome at this task?

Here are 4 tasks that entrepreneurs frequently outsource that have helped them to save time, reduce their stress level and focus more on what is bringing in the cake.

1. Set-up and Manage Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube)

If your business is on social media (which I believe should especially in this era and depending on your client focus), having someone dedicated to helping you to create and manage posts while engaging your audience is critical.

Social media can be time-consuming and requires dedication, but can also be a great plus if done right!

If you struggle with finding time to create content and publish on a consistent basis, getting someone to help you maintain momentum would be beneficial. You don’t just want someone who will publish posts but has the strategic focus and insight on making social media work for you and business.

Another you should consider in managing your social media account is maintaining a consistent visual image — one way in which you can do so is by using pre-made social media templates.

2. Managing your Blog

Starting a blog means you also need to maintain it by keeping your content up-to-date and fresh for your target audience. Key tasks involve, creating content, scheduling and publishing posts on your blog as well as engaging your audience.

Having someone on board to help you undertake these tasks will help you to better market your products and services while generating more in your business.

3. Designing graphics and presentations

The visuals you create for your business says a lot about your brand. Unfortunately, many small business owners take on the task of designing graphics, which often times lack great visuals, consistency and brand direction. That’s why having a graphic designer or using pre-made templates help small business owners to remove the ‘superman/woman’ cape and get help.

Do you feel like your graphic design skills need some work? Or do you spend an entire day to get a presentation done? Chances are you could do with delegating the task of designing your own graphics.

If you have a small budget, to help save cost, many entrepreneurs are creating templates that they can easily use and edit using tools such as Canva.

4. Create your website

One of the mistakes some small business owners make it trying to DIY everything, including websites. The process for website creation isn’t an overnight time thing and requires some amount of structure, time, creative direction and vision.

Instead of DIYing it, how about going trying the professional route of creating your website. With professional help, you’ll be better able to plan out your website, add key elements needed to make your website convert and generate the traffic you need to help boost your business and bring your vision to life.

What are some tasks you currently struggle with that you would outsource to help you generate more in your business?

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