Okcash is added to Crex24 with OK-BTC, OK-ETH, OK-USD markets

okcash @ crex24

Okcash is now added with 3 trading pairs [OK/BTC] [OK/ETH] [OK/USD] over CREX24, expanding OK reach and availability to empower the users.

CREX24 is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange located in Cyprus and it was established in the year 2017.

OK Pairs added to Crex24

Learn more about Crex24:
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About Crex24

CREX24 is a cryptocurrency exchange located in Cyprus.

The project team reports that apps for iOS and Android are in development.

According to the information from the site, in order for traders to get the maximum benefit from trading, the service management has made the low cost of fees. And for market makers, they also pay a rebate.

The exchange interface is quite simple and will be convenient for both experienced and novice traders. Also, API documentation is presented. It is a collection of different classes, libraries and tools written in public source code. They are designed by the CREX24 exchange for easy use.

API Crex24 supports such a popular trading service as

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