Another Football Team Accepts Bitcoin & Ether for Payments

Jun 07, 2019 at 09:44 // News

Many sports companies globally are seemingly joining the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Now, the European soccer giant Benfica Football Club in Portuguese Primeira Liga, has started to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum. Now, the transactional value of digital currency can be fully used around Benfica’s home playground, Estádio Sport Lisboa e Benfica. Integrating cryptocurrency with sports will bring a massive boost to the blockchain industry, in fact, it has already started to see a positive growth.

On June 5, Benfica FC declared that it now accepts the top two cryptocurrencies by market cap worldwide as means of payments, so the supporters and fans of the club can buy the match tickets, jerseys, and other merchandises using Bitcoin and Ether.

European Sports Companies Continue to Embrace Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

For a while, Benfica has been considering the idea of using digital currencies and the plan has been in the pipeline until recently, when it publicly announced that it’s now ready to accept crypto for regular payments.

Last month,
Liverpool FC, an English football club, and winner of the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League, showed interest in using cryptocurrency when it made a partnership with TRON, a thing that was later refuted by both sides through Justin Sun and Liverpool’s spokesperson, as Coinidol reported.

Other major sports companies such as Juventus in Italy, Gibraltar semi-professional team, etc., have entered into this lucrative industry. For instance, Juventus was planning to roll out its own crypto called “
Fan Token” with the aim of establishing better relations with fans. A blockchain
accelerator was also rolled out by an Israel firm to boost innovation in the sports arena and bring benefits to football team. The semi-professional club in
Gibraltar was also the first sports club in the entire world to pay its players in part using cryptocurrency.

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