The crypto currency that transforms electricity into Bitcoin.

Vectorium, the cryptoEnergy. With this slogan a
 European team is revolutionizing the market
 distribution of electricity through a combination of
 blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and electrical infrastructure
 of various types.

The challenge is to
 to make electricity distribution digital
 through a sort of parallel market that “bypasses” the current distributive mechanisms
 of traditional electricity networks. This is achieved by
 leveraging using the same mechanisms of intermediary “value swap”
 which led to the success and dissemination of Bitcoin
 as an alternative to traditional payment systems.

“VECTORIUM will be for the electricity market
 what Bitcoin has been for banks “


The idea of the two
 cofounders, the Italian
 Enea Benedetto and the
 Colombian Andres Palacio Restrepo,
 is to carry the intrinsic value
 of electricity from a point A to a
 point B through the blockchain.

To do this, they created an extremely light blockchain,
 Vectorium Flash, which allows the conversion of
 kWh in coins first and subsequently reconverting coins back into
 electricity (or into an equivalent amount of traditional currency or into
 other crypto coins). In order to make the process
 democratic, regardless of whether you’re trying to extract
 coins with a single graphic card or with an apparatus of
 fifty or more cards the opportunities will be 
 the same. Moreover, the process developed is
 named “only mined community pools”.

Michele Sburlino, CTO and Project Manager
 has confirmed: “This solution besides being
 self-regulated, public and democratic, allows the
 blockchain to manage the mining process
 converting it directly to the kWh used for the
 generation of the same coins. In this way we are actually transforming a
 process, i.e. mining: initially perceived as energy-consuming process into a new phenomenon of
 IT Eco sustainability”.

The project was presented at the Blockchain Expo of
 Monaco in May 2019. The Miners now involved are
 more than a hundred scattered across the five continents. The team
 expects to exceed the first thousands by the
 end of June 2019 and to “list” the coins on the first Exchange by July 2019.

Will Crypto Energy be the future of the blockchain? Is the World ready to make green crypto currencies? Vectorium is a “disruptive” answer to these questions.

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