SKALE’s decentralized on-chain storage for Ethereum-based apps now live

SKALE Labs has announced the launch of SKALE Storage, a cost-effective and native decentralized storage solution for Ethereum-based applications, powered by its Elastic Sidechains.

“Scaling decentralized systems is at this point as much a user experience problem as it is a technology problem. At SKALE, we’re obsessed with creating a phenomenal user experience for the people out there actually building. SKALE Storage turns storage into a seamless experience for developers as they can leverage solidity and Ethereum Virtual Machine to store and call within the SKALE Chain.”

Stan Kladko, SKALE CTO

Storing items directly on the Ethereum blockchain is cumbersome and prohibitively expensive. Storing just 1GB of data would take roughly 8,000 blocks and cost on the order of 1250 ETH. Alternative options such as IPFS add additional complexity and can be cumbersome to manage on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, most notable projects intended to provide a decentralized storage solution leveraging IPFS have yet to fully launch, leading to dApp developers being forced to make significant concessions to efficiency over decentralization, including relying on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host the data for their theoretically decentralized app. 

SKALE Storage leverages its Elastic Sidechain architecture for Ethereum apps to provide a native storage experience without relying on AWS or any other third party decentralized app service.

Each SKALE node comes with a modified Ethereum Virtual Machine – supporting storage for files of up to 100MB with just a few lines of code for setup. SKALE storage is thousands of times cheaper than storing direct to the Ethereum blockchain and requires just a couple lines of code to upload files or data.

“Data storage is a fundamental requirement of any application – decentralized or otherwise. Up until now, decentralized storage solutions haven’t been able to incentivize networks to ensure data is stored reliably, leaving dApp developers to make uncomfortable tradeoffs. With SKALE Storage, Ethereum-powered dApps have a cost-effective and native storage solution without sacrificing decentralization.” 

SKALE Labs CEO Jack O’Holleran

In conjunction with the product launch, SKALE will commence the application process for the third cohort of the SKALE Innovator Program which is an exclusive partner program where dApps gain early access, engineering support, and other benefits as part of the program.

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