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If the user knows the overall functions brought by Ferrum, they will not reject the offer to join it. This is because Ferrum has a number of functions that are very useful for cryptocurrency fans who spend time each day doing this trade. Ferrum is designed to use the DAG or Directed Acrylic Graph technology network. This is a new innovation created by the Ferrum network where generally digital platforms use the Blockchain technology network. This platform implements a DAG that allows nodes to be able to execute transaction procedures by issuing graphs or graphs. This graph is a term used to indicate a ledger or ledger that serves to store transactions.

When a new transaction is received, the graph will accept two other transactions for approval. This transaction will be approved which is represented by a directed edge. By following the transaction approval path, the transaction will be easier to complete and obtain approval. This is the first transaction to start a chart that does not issue any tokens. However, with the modification and innovation of technology networks carried out by Ferrum, this transaction can support the issuance of tokens.

The advantage of the Ferrum network is that it has the ability to import values ​​from external blockchain networks safely and export them back to the previous blockchain network. This process is completed using a proxy token. If we make an exchange between Ferrum and Bitcoin, the BTC proxy token is FE (BTC) in the Ferrum network. Proxy tokens in the Ferrum network have the same support token value. The technology owned by Ferrum must have high resistance to the strength of market demand. With this technology, Ferrum must prevent the demand for FE (BTC) tokens not to exceed the demand for BTC or even decrease faster than demand for BTC. Ferrum can represent proxy tokens other than FE (BTC). The security value will be guaranteed and this is very important to note. Ferrum creates technology that can provide security guarantees that can be adapted to external networks with different characteristics.

Ferrum provides network services that can connect between one blockchain network and another. This network can be different type because each platform will certainly create its own version of blockchain technology. In general, the purpose of the establishment of this platform is to overcome the two main problems that are still being discussed and provide influence in the application of transactions through digital currencies, namely the relatively slow transaction speeds and the lack of interoperability between networks. Often transactions are not smooth if done from one network to another network.

Ferrum is more interested in improving the quality of the existing network than having to build his own network. This platform utilizes the value of existing blockchain to connect to transaction networks. The process will take place quickly and can reach various types of digital assets through a peer to peer (P2P) transaction model. By combining various benefits into one, such as high network speed, minimizing costs, and consistency in facilitating various types of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), EOS (EOS), and Zcash ( ZEC), Ferrum also developed its focus on fiat currencies. Through Ferrum Network, users can buy, exchange, transact, and store digital assets in any type of digital currency.

This platform was established in the first quarter of 2018. At the beginning of its development, this platform developed a type of prototype of this platform network. Platform testing was carried out at that time. This platform was recorded as a finalist at the 2018 pitch competition consensus. Currently, Ferrum is focusing on preparing for the release of Kudi Exchange products and preparing new features for the exchange platform in the business field. This feature will be named Kudi Bunsiness which will be released in the second quarter of this year. For the next stage, Ferrum will hold a public test-net period. This is an event where the public can test the use of the platform openly. Ferrum Network will be the next generation of blockchain platforms that will support the exchange and trading of all types of blockchain networks. This will maximize the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology more leverage. The power of interoperability it has will reach the entire scope of the blockchain network globally.

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