The negative side of Anonymous Internet

Do you know the Persuasive Design?

Have you ever seen the art stuff below? This is drawn on the urinal for men.

Holland: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

This is a great example of Persuasive Design. Men tend to aim at this fly when they take it. And it makes the splash rate decrease by about 80%. People change their act as designed.

Persuasive Design

What is the definition of Persuasive Design? According to the Interaction Design Foundation, Persuasive design is an area of design practice that focuses on influencing human behavior through a product’s or service’s characteristics.

Based on psychological and social theories, persuasive design is often used in e-commerce, organizational management, and public health. However, designers also tend to use it in any field requiring a target group’s long-term engagement by encouraging continued custom.

Communication Design

There is also a design of communication.

I love the eagle. Eagle is very powerful, flying freely. Eagle is the king of the sky.

BTW, what do you think the next letter of this word?


Some of you think about “SOAR” because this word is connected to the eagle despite the word “soap” is more familiar with you.

This is called Priming. Priming is a technique whereby exposure to one stimulus influences a response to a subsequent stimulus, without conscious guidance or intention.

But this priming sometimes works negatively. When you use Twitter, many people blame each other and bully one who did a little wrong thing.

Photo by Ahmed zayan on Unsplash

Anonymous Internet

So in this anonymous internet world, you get massive negative impact from others unknowingly. Anonymous Internet accelerates the negative side of human emotion, makes it impossible to hold accountable for the misuse of Twitter or Instagram, sometimes racism and illegal action would happen according to some research.

Anonymous Internet persuades people to be negative. But this is because of the design. The lack of the perspective of persuasive design, these kinds of internet services is a place to share the evil.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Persuasive Design is the most important concept for the service provider. This makes the world more efficient or less productive.

This soaring of the recent mental health issue is because of the lack of insight into the ethical psychological perspective.

Nao: Social Diary to encourage mental well-being designed to create positive social feedback loops.


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