Multiple Instagram Accounts Are Allowed

Whoever said that “Ignorance is bliss” had no idea what they were talking about. Bliss? That means innocent joyful happiness. Right? I can’t count the number of opportunities I miss out on just because of my ignorance! Yep! I just don’t know the opportunity is out there. I wasn’t all that blissful about being ignorant. What’s more maddening is that when I finally do stumble across the opportunity, it’s usually something that’s been there for a while. How did I miss it? (O.o) I don’t know! But I am only momentarily frustrated though. My frustration is soon replaced by the joy of having found something wonderfully useful and helpful to support my online work endeavors.

Whoever said “Better late than never” and “I get by with a little help from my friends”, definitely knew what they were talking about!

Here’s my story.

When Pinterest first started everybody kept saying “You can’t just join. Somebody has to invite you.” I ignored that and went directly to the site owners and asked if they would allow me to have an account. They said Yes!

Was that a social media lesson learned for me? NO! You would think so but for some reason, it didn’t work that way with Instagram. My thought process was jumbled. For years I wanted an IG account but thought that because I did not have a mobile device that I could not have an account. That all changed one day when a Facebook friend sent me an invitation to create an account. I clicked the link and VOILA! I was in the wonderful world of Instagram.

So what was my complaint? I mean … I finally had an Instagram account. I should be happy. My complaint was that Instagram wasn’t like Twitter. With Twitter, I could have multiple accounts. But my Instagram account was linked to my Facebook profile. I only have one Facebook account and so I thought I could only have one Instagram account. I THOUGHT.

I should probably say my “ignorant complaint”. Don’t ask me why but for some reason I got it into my head that I could not have more than one IG account because I only had one Facebook account. I didn’t want to maintain more than one Facebook account. I can barely keep up the one account that I have.

But then … and this is where the “little help from my friends” part comes in … my friend shared a link to her health blog in a Facebook group. I clicked the link to the post and then clicked the Instagram link on her blog page. Her Instagram account, her Facebook page, and her website all have the same name. I thought to myself: “How did she do that?” I know what her Facebook profile link is and the IG link was not her profile name. My IG account link has the same name as my FB profile because the accounts are linked. When I accepted my friend’s Invite and clicked that link it connected the 2 social media accounts.

So I started Googling. I figured if my friend could do that, there must be a way for me to create a separate Instagram account that I can map to my Facebook business page. My FB page is aimed at online shoppers and I share affiliate product links on that page.

In the Google search results, the first link I found was too complicated. It was written for someone who will be using a mobile device. However it is a link that I may need to refer to in the future, so I’m sharing it below.

This link is great if you want a business account. But suppose you’re just a small-time work-at-home home business professional like me. I have multiple Facebook business pages but only one at the moment that I am trying to use for social media marketing and for generating income. I wanted to maintain a separate IG account for that FB page. I thought … I THOUGHT … that the page had to be linked to my FB profile which is linked to my IG account. I THOUGHT WRONG!

I went directly to the Instagram home page and followed the instructions to create a new account. Notice that I did not say a new business account. First thing I noticed was that I didn’t need a phone to create a new account. I could use an eMail address and confirm it.

  • Could I have always simply used my eMail to create an account? (O.o)
  • Did I even have to get an invite from an IG user? (O.o)

Tell me why I never knew that I could create an Instagram with an eMail account.

I don’t know why! I was just ignorant! (O.o)

You wouldn’t believe how simple it was for me to set up the account.

I plan to use the IG account to build my social media presence, and hopefully drive traffic to my Facebook wishlist-shopping page, my shopping blogs, etc.

This is where the “Better late than never” part comes in. I would have created multiple IG accounts sooner if I had known that I could! So as of now, I have 2 Instagram accounts. That’s enough to be managed with my current employee staff that consists of Me, Myself and I.

♦ This is my first Instagram account created by responding to an invitation link sent by my Facebook pal via Messenger: @treathylfoxcmoneyspinner

♦ This is my second Instagram account: @wishlistshopping4u

This is my first post to my new Instagram account:

When I first started with Pinterest, my account was a personal account. Pinterest management invited me to convert my account to a business account free of charge. I accepted the invitation and never looked back.

At this point in my Instagram journey, both of my accounts have been converted to an Instagram business account. I am hoping they will both grow and begin to generate a consistent income stream. Since Instagram has about a billion users there is HOPE!

* * *

By the way, if you’re interested, my friend’s article was about Vegetables that Burn Belly Fat. My friend believes in natural remedies for healthcare.

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