5 Ways You Can Connect And Make An Impression On Anybody

An abundance of people, maybe even yourself, seem to think they’re alone in a sea of sharks; waiting to fall victim to self-doubt, loneliness, and extreme anxiety regarding the progression of one’s journey- wondering when their big break will happen. The truth is that nothing in your life can happen to set you in forward motion until you grab the eyes of a stranger and bring a value proposition forth to him or her.

The gateway to more fulfillment, attention from the opposite sex, business relationships, and purpose is through making a massive impression and cementing your name into the back of their minds. The dreams and desires you’re seeking to fulfill are going to happen through asking another person for what you want and/or need. If you are anything like me, you would know for sure that you can only move your needle very subtle by yourself. A vast majority underestimate the power of making a meaningful impression to build a network that serves their spiritual, professional, and personal growth.

Here are 5 strategies you can apply to enhance your professional and personal relationships:

  1. The Art Of A Handwritten Card

You would be shocked at how many people overlook the value of a handwritten card. This strategy has been one of my favorites when I want to make a heartfelt impression on someone. It truly is a lost art to write a thank you card after a business meeting or to write to somebody because they have inspired you in some form or fashion. This strategy works best when writing to influencers, highly successful people, or the person who is tugging at your heartstrings. Don’t forget to give a little handwritten love to your family too.

The trick here is not just to write two sentences in a card and then sign your name. Make it meaningful but most importantly make it personal to the person. Figure out what lights them up, inspires them, or even words that may resonate with them. Once you understand their language it is very simple to customize a full-length card. Yes, full length meaning fill up both sides of the card. Words stick with people. But the right words can have drastic influence on the depths that they like you.

2. Create a Custom Magazine Cover

This is a fun one and has worked wonders for me. You can use or to create a custom digital magazine cover. All you need to do is select what magazine you want, upload a picture of the person you want to send it to, and then change up the words on the cover (optional- some are good the way they are). You can choose magazines in the categories of business, family, relationships, sports, weddings, and pets to name several.

Ideally you want to upload one of their better pictures. You can search their social media pages then save the pic to your computer once you’ve found one. Pick the best magazine that pertains to their industry.

I did this with a top talent agent in Los Angeles. I found a Forbes Magazine one, uploaded a good headshot of his, then added the words “Brian Medavoy Changing Artists Lives” on the cover. I saved the cover file to my computer then messaged it to him on LinkedIn. The reason being is because he consistently checks his LinkedIn. I noticed that he was posting consistently.

By the way, I recommend this strategy for any artist out there looking to build a valuable network in entertainment. This strategy alone can open the door for you.

About a week later I get a response from him with these exact words… “That’s hilarious ! How did you do that? I want to do that for others. Love it and thank you. Where can you be reached?”

3. Send Them A Customized Ball

Through using You can get the ball rolling with almost anybody you want to reach. If you have a little extra cash, this is a great strategy to make yourself standout.

People have more of a tendency to open a package rather than an envelope. The entertainment value with this strategy is priceless because who expects to open a package with a ball? Nobody I know or want to know. You can customize the ball to what you’d like to say. The best approach with this one is to say, “Let’s get the ball rolling.”

The recipient will instantly know that you’re interested in furthering some sort of connection with them. Could be a business endeavor, or relationship prospect. Either way, the ball is in your court.

4. Bring Someone A Deal

Bringing someone a business deal is a sure way to get on and stay on someone’s radar. When you don’t know the person so well, but you understand what business they’re in, provide them with a quality referral or large figure deal for them to close on. You may or may not get paid in return, but you are demonstrating that you have value instantly and it shows you are ambitious yet care about the success of the other.

When I worked at a digital agency, I built a great a few great referral sources because I brought people to them who converted into doing business with them. There is one factor we all have in common, we’re all striving to win. We all desire a valuable network both in our professional endeavors and personal endeavors.

People will not be expecting you to literally hand over deals to them. Here’s what impressive them to a greater extent… when you don’t ask for anything directly in return and trust in the karmic universe to deliver on your behalf.

As a business loan broker currently, I pass deals off when I know I’m not able to bring the right value to the table to get the result. Therefore, I reach out to someone who can bring that value and it enhances both ends of the relationship. You catch the attention and respect from others when you anticipate what they may be looking for before they receive it.

Imagine bringing someone a deal that put a 5 or 6 figure commission in their pocket? Yup, I’d say you’re locked in! Bring deals if you can’t think of an effective way to connect initially.

5. Discover Their Favorite Sports Team, Band, or Movie

Almost everybody has a favorite sports team, band, or movie. With effective research and a unique interest in that individual, you can discover one of the three- if not all three combined.

When you figure this out, you will find yourself in a position to build rapport and value rather quickly.

Back when I was living in Rochester, NY I wanted to build a closer relationship with a guy whom I’d admired and wanted to work with in some capacity in the future. He is a Shinedown fan, Loves the band and listened to their music constantly. I noticed he would wear Shinedown T-shirts every now and then when I ran into him.

Ironically, Shinedown was on tour with Breaking Benjamin and they were rolling into to town. I decided to buy two tickets and invited him to attend with me. My sole intention was to bond with him that night, with the hopes that it would lead to a mutually beneficial endeavor down the road.

Months later we discussed an independent film. I was acting, and he was directing at the time. We both agreed to make a film with a small crew, script, and minimal budget. That film allowed me to add to my acting resume and gain access to footage I could show talent agents and other people in the entertainment business. Without giving him something of greater value, who knows if we would have worked together. I knew what really lit him up, took an action, and then received what I wanted as well.

A few different approaches you could use with this strategy are:

– Invite them to a concert of their favorite band.

– Send them apparel of their favorite sports team.

– Send a movie poster of their favorite movie. You could really step your game up by buying an original.

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