How to Convert Ethereum into Bitcoins (The best way to swap from ETH to BTC to get the best rate)


I would like to compare three cryptocurrency exchanges sites/apps to exchange ETH to BTC. I want to invest more BTC over Ethereum so I decided to convert my Ethereum to Bitcoin. I was comparing popular digital currency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase Pro, and Coinomi to save commission fee and get the best exchange rate.

As of April 21, 2019 my Ethereum 6.3329 is around $1,067.

1. Binance
6.3329eth($1067)-> 0.2026BTC
=> When it comes to exchange rate, Binance is the best rate.

2. Coinbase Pro
6.3329eth($1067)-> 0.2022BTC ($1064.59)

=> Coinbase Pro is not too bad for the exchange rate but Binance is better. A good thing about Coinbase Pro, when you send your BTC to send other wallets, it is free!

3. Coinomi ( Multi-asset wallet)
6.3329 eth-> 0.2010BTC

=> It looks a nice multi-asset wallet and has quite user-friendly interface and they don’t really have commission fee. However, their exchange rate is not as good as Coinbase Pro or Binance.

If you know a better exchange rate to convert ETH to BTC, please comment it below.

Hope it helps those of you are planning to convert your cryptocurrency.

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