Why Successful Marketer Never Mention Their Company Name In Their Posts or Videos

I’m going to show you in this article, how to use a team name instead of company name to go out and find your prospects…

By using a team name, people will have curiosity and interest on your products or services no matter in social media or in a completely cold market..

I will show you how to let people get interested on your services and what you’re doing..

It is important to use a team name when we’re prospecting cold market and social media to drive people interest to know what we’re doing. Team name is one of the best ways for branding as well. I’m talking about branding yourselves, not your company..

People join your downline because of you, not because of your company.. Think back why you joined your company, is it because of company, your upline or the top leaders of the company?

Think about the successful top leaders of your company, they definitely have a high level of impact and people in your company look up to them.. This is all about the person itself nothing to do with the company when it comes to why your leader have influence on people..

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