From fit teas to law school, Kim Kardashian West is the ultimate enigma

Kim Kardashian West’s least favourite question to be asked is what it is she does for a living and honestly, I don’t blame her. She has over a hundred and thirty-four million Instagram followers and between her many series of keeping up with the Kardashians and spin-off shows, she is equally as famous for her sex tape as she is for helping release Alice Johnson, a grandmother who spent over twenty years in prison for a first time non violent drug offence. She is an enigma and one you just can’t place in a box.

Recently she announced she wanted to become a lawyer and was doing so by registering with the California State Bar to take the exam in three years and taking an apprenticeship with Van Jones in the meantime. People got mad, very mad. Who is this reality TV star to want to become a lawyer? Isn’t she happy with her millions in the bank and on her follower count? She needs to stay in her lane. These were just some of the responses to Kim Kardashian’s confession.

As someone who doesn’t follow celebs like Kim k out of principle, I’m not entirely sure what the principle is anymore but there was one at some point, I searched and found her Instagram post half expecting to agree with the naysayers and honestly, I was inspired.

There are a lot of things I don’t agree with in today’s social media obsessed culture. I don’t agree with using your obviously surgically enhanced body to tell fit teas or appetite suppressant lollipops when you have a chef or two in tow. I don’t agree with selling meal replacement shakes that contain every E number available when everything that passes your lips is dairy, wheat and sugar free.

But I can’t fault someone’s determination in their pursuit to do all that they want in life and I’m not sure why others can. Why can’t a reality TV star become a lawyer? Why do we need to label women and put them neatly in a box in order not to disturb anyone with their ambitions? Why should Kim Kardashian or any of us label ourselves?

Not everyone can be Beyonce and not everyone had Mathew Knowles pushing them to do three-mile-sing-marathons as teens to prepare them for stardom. Not everyone follows a clear path in life and knows exactly what they should be doing, some of us are just trying to figure it out along the way.

So I am inspired by Kim k for choosing to go down a path to do something she is passionate about when she has enough money in the bank to retire and never work another day in her life. I am inspired that she takes time that could be spent chilling in her huge Calabasas complete with mind-boggling sinks and TVs that rise from the floor and does something meaningful with it.

And most of all I admire her for the genius idea of changing her number so no one could contact her and distract her from her vision because that is ballsy af and something let’s be honest, most of us wouldn’t do, especially with her contact list.

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