How ‘Anti Social Social Club’ is recovering from their mistake

It is often hard for a company to make up for their mistakes, especially when they are a fairly new business. Working one on one with customer to resolve smaller issues is easily achievable (for the most part) but, when it effects over 50% of their customers it becomes hard to maintain a strong reputation.

Anti Social Social Club has been deemed by a large part of the fashion community as ‘Anti Shipping Shipping Club’. This is due from hundreds of customers waiting months to receive products. This was extremely frustrating to the customers due to owner Neek Lurk constantly posting pictures of him traveling, purchasing cars and more while people still waited for their items. It left a sour taste with a lot of people.

Neek later publicly apologized for the slow shipping times. He went on to say that he is a small operation and didn’t expect the large volume of orders. Following days of the apology, multiple photos of shipping trucks filled with orders were posted with captions thanking customers for their patience.

Now in March 2019, Neek plans to release his latest collection ‘Stressed’. The collection will consist of hoodies, shirts, with classic ASSC branding along with other unique accessories. The most notable pieces include two shirts with one graphic being a mail truck and the other being a shipping label (pictured below).

The fashion community for the most part finds it humorous and the perfect balance of ASSC making fun of themselves while creating a strong design. Even some ASSC customers I have spoke with that were left months without their products find it funny. A lot of them won’t be purchasing from them anytime soon due to their past experiences but, its interesting to see how Neek is winning back some of his past customers.

Let’s hope this time around Anti Social Social Club is more prepared and will be able to turn orders around faster.

‘Stressed’ will be releasing March 16th, 2019 at 8am PST on

For a further look at the collection go to @antisocialsocialclub on Instagram.

Picture from Anti Social Social Club
Picture from Anti Social Social Club

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