HubrisOne is a cryptocurrency wallet and a traditional fiat bank account combined into a powerful, intelligent, regulated and compliant digital Apple and Android App. Combination of the benefits of these two powerful industries is the focus of HubrisOne. HubrisOne believes in the existence of cryptocurrencies and therefore should be taken with much care. HubrisOne stands out more than just a mere digital cryptocurrency friendly bank account.


In a new, well secured, regulated and user friendly way, HubrisOne wish to become the connector between the olden banking and finance system to the new world of cryptocurrencies. We aim not to eradicate banks but instead to improve their current processes and services on offer by leveraging the technology such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies and also to become the world’s first cryptocurrency friendly bank fully complaint and regulated within the United Kingdom. This for sure will help investors into the cryptocurrency market with its regulated, trusted and licensed go to solution.


In a new well secured and transparent way, HubrisOne wish traditional fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies shouldn’t be separated as operating independently of each other. HubrisOne do not suggest the elimination of fiat currency and neither do HubrisOne has the view cryptocurrencies are going to be the most dominating currency. A solution which respects and recognizes the significance of the traditional banking system and its importance it comes with whiles at the same time removing all barriers and improving customer care, product creation and technology is the answer to the above. The old banking system has provided enough benefits to the mass in their day to day affairs in diverse ways like; providing jobs to millions worldwide, movement of billions of payments globally everyday, payments of salaries everyday and access for people to have their dream mansions and a lot more. HubrisOne wish not to eliminate banks therefore but rather to find a sweet-spot and middle ground which will generate trust and increase mass adoption.

Also, poor customer service and complacency is also a contributing factor as few percentages of people worldwide believe their bank is meeting their expectation. These traditional banks are gradually failing due to the inability meet customers’ needs and wishes. Example: No live chat for customer care, no payment processed on weekends and long waiting times. HubrisOne is now bringing banking into the digital world age by its integration as both cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.


In an era where smartphones has become the other of the majority in a massive growth and usage, HubrisOne see a general global shift to mobile-only digital solutions and banking in an area that is due for a digital shake-up with its plans and direction of developing an app only digital banking solutions which is lightweight, accessible and very secured. Using the HubrisOne app will enable its target market to execute their day to day banking operations and provide easy access to the cryptocurrency market infrastructure in diverse ways as follows;

1. Secured Cryptocurrency Wallets; how efficient and convenient it will be by executing daily banking task, converting and transacting fiat to cryptocurrency in few taps. The all-in one banking and cryptocurrency solution is here, HubrisOne app. With this wonder app, one will be able to send cryptocurrency to friends, family or to and exchange using the features within a few a taps. Early transactions between your cryptocurrency wallet and your HubrisOne bank account and spend globally using the HubrisOne secured debit card. Full ownership of your keys, freedom, variety and diversify add up to two hundred cryptocurrencies and selected altcoins.

2. Secured Digital Account and Card Management; you’re in charge of your account and your card when you want, 24/7 since whatever you can do with a bank representative over the phone, you can now do it via the wonder app, HubrisOne App. HubrisOne brings to the wide market its unique factors such as, change, view or reset your security pin in 2seconds. No need to order a pin by mail. Link your card to your HubrisOne bank or to your cryptocurrency wallet. One card, multiple accounts, how convenient and extraordinary. No phone calls or calls centers needed, you can create your virtual card for online purchases in few taps.

3. Fair and Transparent Crypto-Backed Loans; most people need loans from their banks but their credit is poor is the situation majority face daily. However, HubrisOne will increase demand for financing services which are linked to the ownership value of their cryptocurrencies. Users will be able to receive fiat payments upon approval of their application in under 5seconds in their HubrisOne connected bank account. HubrisOne offers instant crypto-back lending financing, instant decision in 2seconds, no credit check needed, transfer funds instantly to your HubrisOne bank account and flat 10% interest rate.

4. Increasing Cryptocurrency Adoption; HubrisOne shares the view of increasing crypto adoption through its integral digital banking accounts by way of presenting a familiar banking solution with cryptocurrency integration and thereby increase the adoption and gain users at the same time.

5. Instant Digital Bank Accounts; HubrisOne has made it easy and convenient in the creation of bank accounts in USD, EUR , GBP dominated currencies and upon approval of KYC/AML, users worldwide will be able to transact, transfer and store funds as they would in their account today for free.

6. International Transfers Using Stellar Blockchain; With HubrisOne, the tiresomeness related to waiting for more than days to receive international payments are over. It has really been made easy for users to transfer funds from their HubrisOne bank account using secured blockchain payments. How convenient and easily accessible this will be whiles at the same time, it brings along these benefits. (a), real time traceability and tracking of funds

(b), international payments using Stellar blockchain connectivity across international payment networks.

©, an instant on-demand settlement, when you transfer with faster payments or SEPA (usually within 2–4hours). HubrisOne grants users with a unique feature to accumulate traditional and blockchain international payments by granting an option whereby one can transfer funds to banks accounts via SEPA, SWIFT, faster payments or send via Stellar’s international blockchain payment technology.

7. Security and Ownership; here, HubrisOne with its wonder feature will integrate and implement the strictest security to ensure consistent trust, integrity and reliability of the app. These features include; (a) two-factor authentication for additional security (b) integrated digital and instant AML and KYC verification © wallets and private keys are your and are stored in AES-256 encryption. (d) 24/7 real-time anti-fraud machine learning account monitoring. (e) PCI-DSS compliant (f) application is run entirely over encrypted SSL.


HubrisOne stands out with its wonder app and digital banking solution. This is really appealing to the market. We hereby offer a digital banking solution to people who meet the following criteria;

A) Have a smartphone with internet connection with access to Google play or Apple app store

B) Have or need a bank account

C) Over 18years

HubrisOne has a special reward for user sign up, amazingly. HubrisOne cryptocurrency tokens (HBRS) will be used as a reward for each customer that signs up with HubrisOne. This for sure will increase the rate of our customer acquisition and importantly the growth rate of our customer base via organic network and marketing effect. This is a wonderful opportunity to grab since its solution is a mass market product and applies to the mass population.


Q2 2018

  1. Market Research

2. Market fit and analysis

3. Product creation

4. Target market assessment

Q3 2018

  1. Private investor out-reach

2. Assembling team and recruitment

3. HubrisOne deck and one pager public release

4. Public crowdsale announcement

5. Development partner search

6. Pre –sale opens and public sale

Q4 2018

  1. Build and grow community

2. UI/UX development

3. New years launch party (London)

4. Register for FCA E-money license

5. Explore US and Asia regulatory compliance

Q1 2019

  1. Apple app and Android development

2. Security audit

3. Beta testing and bug improvements

4. Debit card design and manufacturing

5. Crowdsale completes

6. Distribute tokens

Q2 2019

  1. List tokens on exchanges

2. Android and Apple app release

3. Apple pay and Google pay release

4. Crypto-lending facility integration

5. Grow and build partners and marketplace platform

6. On-going R&D


Co-Founder… Ivan A. Gyimah

CTO/Solidity/Blockchain… Vitally Marinchenko

Co-Founder… McAnthony Gyimah

PR, Comms & Community… Raymond Baxter

Chief UI/UX Engineer and IOS Developer… Umar Moin

Director of Operations… Robert Laguna

Director of Marketing, Marketing Consultant… Felix Zeiffer

Fintech Expert and Analyst at Blockfreelancer… Andrew Chung

Community Manager… Devina Dutta

Fintech and Security… Jason Price

Fintech and Banking… Jillian Godsil, MA

Finance and Research… Boyan Patev

Strategy and Growth… Giovanni Casagrande

Strategy and Metrics… Rick Tapia




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