How to choose the most suitable cryptocurrency wallet in 2019

Knowing how to use and adopt a cryptocurrency wallet is essential if you intend to enter the world of virtual currencies. In this article, we will define the standards by which you need to apply while selecting and where to find the best option for you.

What do you have to take into account when choosing a wallet for cryptocurrencies?

This answer depends on the type of investment you intend to make. Among the options available is to act as Holder, an investor who doesn’t sell their cryptocurrencies and store them and use a virtual hot storage wallet (always online), which is more vulnerable to hackers. Or instead, go for a cold wallet (offline) that keeps the capital safeguarded, only accessible for its owner.

You can also be a trader and use an exchange to trade currencies with other users. But don’t worry, for mixed investors who also want to take advantage of a system with multiple tools, there is the option to use several wallets or a single one that has it all.

Now that you are clear about how wallets work, it’s time to jump into our top 3 of crypto wallets and look for the one that best suits your specific needs.

3. Cryptonator

Let’s start with one of the most ambitious options today since its founding in 2017. Cryptonator is a web wallet -available through a mobile presentation for Android- which seeks to adapt to market trends and position itself as the most versatile scheme.

Its community describes it as an excellent tool to store, exchange and ship coins of the size of Ethereum or Bitcoin, and as an additional element, it allows you to pay for the telephone service and withdraw money with Payeer. If you want to join this network, there’s the opportunity to create a free account and have whether public or private profile. To sign-up, the wallet needs you to validate a Captcha, enter an email address and password.

We have awarded Cryptonator position number 3 because, despite it’s practical attributes, has very high commission prices.

2. Coinbase

This wallet has had a very consistent track since its appearance in 2012, growing a large community of enthusiasts around the world who take advantage of its system benefits — available in Web version and mobile App. The Coinbase developers designed it for exchange and storage activities, supporting 4 different wallets, each one integrated with its own security policy.

Those drawn to entering the decentralized market through Coinbase must choose between a personal and business model. The registration process also requires an email address and a log-in within the mobile App to receive the confirmation code.

Our valuation highlights it as a great option in terms of security and profitability since it accepts investment in fiat money. But on the other hand, we noticed that this wallet supports very few currencies and is not available for all countries.

1. Counos

We have reached the first place, and a very well deserved one for Counos! This Swiss wallet -Web and App availability- has received excellent media coverage since it was first announced in 2018, and promises to conquer the market during this 2019. It offers a unique protocol and improved parameters as it has a record time of operations confirmation, not limiting users with “minimum amounts” during their transactions — a significant advantage for those seeking to maximize their investments.

In our analysis we can highlight that Counos brings to the table several wallets with exclusive currencies backed by fiduciary currencies, such as the Swiss franc, to rule out the negative volatility other options have. These currencies include Counos Coin, Counos Cash, Counos Silver, Counos Gold, to name a few.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Counos allows sending, receiving and storing other altcoins, such as Ether, Dash, Litcoin and more upon request — making it the perfect tool for mix investors. To open your own account, all you need is an email and wait for its subsequent confirmation.

Following these lines, we confirm that thanks to the fact that Counos’ system is independent of other crypto-solutions, with its wallet you can make payments for goods or services just by scanning a barcode. You can also access other functions through the scanning of a QR code, fingerprint or facial recognition. As you can see, it is an alternative that brings together the best that exists in the market today. Counos will be released soon, so if you want to join this community, there’s plenty of chance.


If you think you have already found your ideal wallet, we recommend you visit their official website to learn more about the advantages they offer. We hope we have helped you to make the best decision; don’t forget to visit the rest of our posts to find out about the latest trends in the crypto market.

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