Kenyan MP Paul Mwirigi was not arrested and detained in Uganda

A story published on Afrikan Daily and shared on Facebook claiming that a Kenyan Member of Parliament was arrested and detained in Uganda over disagreement of pay with a prostitute is FALSE.

The article alleges that Igembe South MP Paul Mwirigi was arrested during the 2018 Christmas period for soliciting the services of a Chinese prostitute and failing to pay, and that two individuals also involved with the incident fled the scene.

A number of things stick out from this article. First of all, the banner image is that of Premium Times Nigeria, a legitimate news organization based in Abuja. Secondly, the article gets some crucial facts wrong, such as the name of the ‘Uganda police boss’ who confirmed the incident.

According to the article, the incident was confirmed by ‘Andrew Kawesa’, but the current Uganda Inspector General of Police is Okoth Ochola who was appointed in March 2018 by President Yoweri Museveni. There is an Andrew Felix Kaweesi who is the current Uganda Police spokesman, so the article not only got his name wrong, but his position as well.

Igembe South MP Paul Mwirigi also denied the allegations when contacted by PesaCheck, stating that he had seen the article, adding that all it said about him was false. Additionally, Mr Mwirigi had made a court appearance on 28 December 2018 following his arrest in late November over charges that he allegedly incited drivers to flout traffic rules.

There were no reports the prostitution incident either in Kenyan or Ugandan media during the said period.

PesaCheck has looked into the claim that a Kenyan MP was arrested and has been detained in Uganda and finds it to be FALSE.

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