Allforcrypto Top rated on ICO rating sites is having a MVP the reason?

Yes, you have heard it here first.Allforcrypto has been getting the top ratings from all the ICO rating sometimes. Is this due to a lack of competition in the space at the moment? Or something else?

The bursting of the ICO bubble has helped get our project more recognized since there is not nearly as many ICOs being pumped out every week from the boom time.

Also unlike other projects who only have a fancy Whitepaper and great video promising the world .Allforcrypto has a fully functional MVP .

Just check all these ratings

Ratings on ICO sites 5/5 4.4/5 A1

It clear we are doing something right. Hopefully, allforcrypto will lead the way in ICOs actually having a working prototype before asking for boatloads of money . With the ICO bubble burst savvy investors our viewing an MVP a much so any other potential new ICOs out there will have to step there game up and have more than just promises to pitch to the new breed of institutional investor that is entering the market.

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