Display of Shortlisted Works for PIEXGO Mascot Design Competition

Dear friends:

The PIEXGO mascot collection has been closed yesterday. Thank you for your enthusiastic participation!

During the event, we received more than 60 entries. Excluding the submitted works that are suspiciously similar, and considering PIEXGO’s corporate culture and concept, the following 20 excellent work was shortlisted for this competition.

The main display part of each entry is a three-view drawing and an introduction to the work. For entries with extended designs such as video/expression and surrounding, those parts are also displayed.

All the finalists will get a PIEXGO custom T-shirt, and the top three can respectively get 8ETH, 5ETH, 3ETH rewards, which will be decided by the vote on our Wechat public platform.

Note: The finalists are displayed in the order of submission, ranking in no particular order.


Introduction: This is the superhero of the PIEXGO world, dedicated to maintaining the safety, justice, and openness of the PIEXGO world.

NO.2 Super Swan Lord

Introduction: The prototype is taken from the symbol of China’s great ambition since ancient times. — Hongjun, also known as the swan. At the same time, in order to highlight the sense of science and technology, it draws on the characters in Spielberg’s sci-fi movie “The Number One Player”.

NO.3 Pipi Dog

a. Take the dog as the prototype, with a miner’s hat on the head, and the green screen can be used as a horse racing screen.
b. The p coin on the belly is the image of the pizza dog coin, which makes it clear at a glance.
c. The hammer in the hand is also a symbol of the coin circle, and the future exchange may cooperate with the mining route.
d.The hammer in your hand can be removed and replaced with pizza, bitcoin, and Ethereum. After all, we are a trading house.

NO.4 A Pi

Introduction: The design of the cartoon image is based on the concept of affinity and easy communication. Therefore, Api (taking the pizza dog homonym) was born. The shield in front of the small belly symbolizes the safety and reliability of the exchange.

NO.5 PizzaDog Alaska

Introduction: Combined with the prototype of Alaskan sled dog/astronaut/light bulb, the mascot joins hands with the symbolization of the cryptocurrency community consensus, bitcoin pizza, implying that PIEXGO is trustworthy as an idealist and explorer, and will keep company with the community to stand out the winter together.


Introduction: The mascot is evolved from the logo of PIEXGO. The color adopts the main color of PIEXGO.

7 Pizza Dog

Introduction: Combine the image of Shiba Inu with piexgo. The B necklace symbolizes Bitcoin, implying that this is the mascot of the blockchain world.

8 Doctor PiexBear


Dr. Piex Bear is a scientific research staff of Piexgo company. He is committed to the company’s higher-quality scientific research and development.

By adding the “raccoon” ontology element and referring to the modern technical equipment, the two are combined to create the role of the leading technology staff of Piexgo.

9 Rubik’s Cube

The mascot concept comes from Rubik’s Cube. As PIEXGO’s main industry is digital services, the essence of Rubik’s Cube is also a digital game with a unique shape and easy identification.
The shape of the Rubik’s Cube is ever-changing. Its eyes, nose and mouth can be rotated 360 degrees. This also implies that PIEXGO maintains a high degree of sensitivity at any time to adapt to the rapid changes of the 4industry.

10 Pizza Girl

Pizza Girl is the second-dimensional image of PIEXGO customer service, and is the second-level service officer of PIEXGO;
At present, the clothes worn by the pizza girl are the surrounding clothes of PIEXGO, but the clothes can be changed at will;

NO.11 Pizzard Dog

The lightning bolt on the belt is combined with Superman equipment. The user’s mind will default to Superman = Fast, Lightning = Fast, Superman + Lightning = Fast to no opponent. Holding the shield is a feeling of increasing safety for the user again. The PIEXGO logo with a unique logo on the shield highlights the brand’s presence.

NO.12 Pizza Dog

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