Spend More Time on Social Media

How we can work to ‘undirty’ the words ‘social media’.

Man wondering why he has Google+ on phone

I will begin my justification with a thought: despite everything we have experienced up until this point, people don’t actually have to be assholes online.

I know, right?

The internet saw its 27th year in 2018, and from humble beginnings, has developed into a toxic powerhouse of interconnectedness, with 3.2 billion users trolling each other every day.

Yes, that was a lie, or fake news if you’d like. Probably.

Despite this wonderful world-forum linking citizens, not governments, across the globe, the current and most perceivable effect of such an invention is some form of ‘digital tribalism’, a phrased placed in quotation marks, despite being quoted from my own head.

So why, you might ask, would I endeavour to spend more time using what I’m going so far out of my way to be snide about?

Well, as it turns out, the internet isn’t all full of tentacle porn and Trump support, there are other places and people trying to do good things, share new ideas, and progress humanity to a better plane of existence.

No, not Christians.

Even without religious doctrines striking the fear of ‘the big G’ into people, social media can be used as a platform to share and grow.

I’ve never been one to connect properly with social media. In its entire existence, I think I posted on Facebook once when my dog, Poppy, ate enough chocolate to make her explode (RIP Poppy).

Since then, despite having read tens of thousands fascinating snippets of information, I’ve yet to share one. And… really, I’ve read some truly revolutionary stuff.

There is definitely a better use for the internet… we can argue, but why not take time and do it properly and come to a conclusion? we can write, but why not connect and debate with other writers, or petition the government for change? We can vent, but why not vent to a fake psychiatrist you met playing online poker?

Whatever you use the internet for, I think you can probably do better. Think about what it is, and how it really could be a tool for the betterment of out world. Spend time on social media, but think about how what you share could affect the people you connect with for the better.

Don’t be an online asshole, be an online angel.

But not necessarily the Christian kind. Unless that’s your thing.

Merry new year.

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