How the society of 2019 is a copy and paste version of Gatsby’s roaring 20’s.

Leonardo DeCaprio as Jay Gatsby

What is happiness? The state of being happy. The feeling of contentment within yourself. But how do we achieve this? What do we do? if you ask people today you’ll most likely get a range of answers such as high fashion brands, make -up, jewellery, flashy cars, Parties, the latest phones, holidays, the list goes on. Could it be love or friends that give you happiness? Or is it really just all down to materialistic gain? Whether it be personal connections and communication, or being excessively concerned with material possessions, we’re all like Gatsby. Desperately searching for the purpose of all struggles, searching for the green light.

The illusion of happiness

Jay Gatsby had everything anyone could ever want, the latest car, an ivy league education and even his clothes were imported from across the world… I mean come on, what’s not to like? I wouldn’t mind having all that and a mansion! Despite this he still wasn’t happy (ungrateful?) much like the social media generation of today. Anything to make yourself more appealing to the nameless numbers of followers viewing your #bestlife posts. There’s you in your Gucci belt, Oh! You again at a house party. So how is the illusion of happiness carried out?

A collection of 2018 make-up trends.

Whatever you post is a non-verbal message to the online community. All it takes is one post to lead to other surrounding posts for someone to build a judgement on you. What if… online you is simply just not you? Most of the time social media platforms and the influencers that you so dearly love are deceiving all of you. With all their pets and porches, all the diets and the vacations is that what makes them happy? Is that what would make you happy? They build a persona, just like you could or just like you already do, once a following is built it’s set up to succeed until…Something goes wrong! Oh no, here comes the rumours the apology and the classic “that was so long ago, that’s not the REAL me”. Awfully rich of them to say what is the real them since the posts online are a form of fake communication decoded by “fans” through a screen. It’s all self-promotion on a platform that Gatsby had also to try and gain his happiness in the form of Daisy Buchanan, a now married teenage sweetheart that he desperately hoped would attend his parties. The only difference being the toxic effect of technology and social media. Did I mention this was 99 years ago? Why are we allowing this to still be relevant today? Like… we all know how it ended with Gatsby #bigmess.

…And back to reality.

I’m not saying any of us are at fault, I mean we all do it… Yes, even me. Does that justify our actions or make it okay? Certainly not. Society nowadays are short on the commodities that matter in everyday life such as having time for people and seeing them in real life. The mediums have changed. However, social media binds us all together. As of now that is never going to change the way many people stay connected and build themselves is solely based on the existence of social media some people go as far to rely on social media (not in the roaring 20’s of course).

We all need to reverse to a time of real communication and realistic ideas of ourselves along with other people. We would much rather have you send a text or a tweet or a Snap to communicate because we can get to it on our own time. Whether we like it or not, it’s not going anywhere. So, go ahead and re-create your wonderful self with posh flashy brands and cars… see how far that gets you. No, not the car! See if people come to see you and who actually cares. The social media followers are like Gatsby’s party guests; they attend because he’s rich but they don’t actually care about him. At all. Happiness to people now is a temporary sense of gratification that never seems to last.

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

It seems nothing can make us truly happy to the bottom of our hearts. At some point you end up alone with your flashy expensive materials, they’re just masking the empty void in your life. In many ways were all like Gatsby I urge you to find your green light. So let me ask you a question what is your green light? … What is happiness?

A screen capture of the Green light from ‘The Great Gatsby’ film (2013)

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