Italy Selects High-Level Experts to Develop & Explain National Strategy on AI & DLT

Jan 08, 2019 at 15:37 // News

A team of experts that was recently selected will explain Italy’s national strategy on AI, Blockchain technology and other innovative technologies. The team is composed of high-level experts appointed to strengthen the ground required to boost research, use, development, adoption of blockchain and to speed up its airing in both private and public services.

According to the Minister of Economic Development,
Luigi di Maio, who assumed office on June 1, 2018: 

“The legion and qualified events of interest received in the selection of expert teams exhibit the wealth of knowledge and experience that we have in our country on rising technologies. I thank all those who have expressed their availability and I am sure that together with the chosen experts we will be able to build Strategies that are crucial for the development of Italy in the name of innovation.”   

Public Consultation on the Matter   

On Thursday, December 27 last year, the MiSE proclaimed the selection of high-ranking expert teams to work with the Ministry and explain the national strategy on
artificial intelligence (AI), distributed ledger technology (DLT) and other important technologies.   

The announcement comes after the
formalization of Italy’s admission to the DLT Partnership Initiative elevated by the EU. The main purpose of the project is to adopt a national strategy for
blockchain technology, intensify the conditions requisite to boost research, use, growth, adoption of DLT and rise its diffusion in both public & private services.   

The team will also develop the technical and regulatory tools essential for expanding the use of smart contracts by citizens and businesses, SMEs and startups, in particular, will gain from the potential delineated by the functionalities of the technologies in question. 

The strategies will more likely be subject to public consultation in order to guarantee transparency and become capable of maximum benefiting the majority. The names of AI and DLT experts that were selected can be found in this recent
report by Coinidol.

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