Ryan X Charles: Bitcoin Cash clique must not dismiss SV community because of their hatred towards Craig

Ryan X Charles, the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of Money Button, and a proponent of Bitcoin Cash [BCH], provided insights to fellow cryptocurrency enthusiasts about the Bitcoin Cash split, mining, and scaling in an interview at the CoinGeek Week conference.

Charles started by talking about the split, where he mentioned that they are still on the recovery stage. However, people are optimistic, he added. Charles’ plan of action is to stick to the protocol and scale on-chain. He said:

Scaling on chain means something you’re technically insolvent in terms of actually creating grow businesses that create real value for customers that use our actions. That’s what I see happening right now.”

Bitcoin has been going through a rough patch recently but things are looking green now. Charles mentioned how Bitcoin can solve many problems. He added:

“First of all, Bitcoin is money; it is as far as I’m concerned to solve problems. This is sound money that does scale to the entire world if we make it happen. And once you have money, you can solve every other problem related to it by using money or to put it differently, once you have Bitcoin, you can solve every problem related to Bitcoin by using it because what that means is you can make businesses that burn Bitcoin.”

Charles explained the importance of miners in the crypto world. He explained the function of miners saying that they mine and validate transactions in blocks. However, he realized that in the case of scaling all the way, miners are capable of doing a better job in just hashing and not validating the transactions at all.

He suggested the addition of validators for this part of the deal, as they don’t exist yet. According to Charles, a smart contract between the miners and validators could go a long way, as the individuals will do only one thing that they are the best at.

The crypto enthusiast also talked about scaling Bitcoin SV and proving that that one can scale on-chain by “doing giant giant blocks”.

Charles took the opportunity to acknowledge what Unwriter, a writer on Medium, had written in support of BSV and against Bitcoin Cash ABC. He said:

I’ll just say that I completely agree with Unwriter it’s very irritating from our point of view that we are just completely dismissed by the ABC side that you guys just think that we’re just diluted, that we’ve been won over by a con man. This is not correct; we’re not diluted, you don’t even listen to the argument so you should take Unwriter seriously.”

In closing, Charles just had a simple request for ABC’s followers; to listen to SV followers and not let their “hatred” towards Craig Wright dismiss the community and their arguments.

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