CoinList launches full-stack, white-labeled solution for managing token sales

CoinList, a platform for blockchain asset companies and networks to run and manage token sales, today has launched a new product offering, CoinList Back Office. For the past year, dozens of issuers have used CoinList’s ComplyAPI product for compliance due diligence for their token sales.

Beyond helping with compliance, CoinList can now integrate other tools to help issuers with payments, document signing, and more. The product draws on learnings over the past year since CoinList launched, and will help token issuers focus on building decentralized networks and communities without having to worry about designing the tech necessary to run a token sale.

Introducing CoinList Back Office

CoinList Back Office is a full-stack, white-labeled solution for managing token sales. CoinList has taken all of its learnings from the token sales for which they provided technology services in the past fifteen months—Filecoin, Blockstack, and more—and pulled the infrastructure we used (minus our marketing services) into a single, unified product.

Back Office provides teams with everything needed to run a token sale in a single, unified product. This includes investor management tools (whitelist controls, document hosting and signing, analytics, allocation controls, and more), compliance services (KYC/AML, Regulation D, and Regulation S support), and to facilitate payments (crypto or fiat) through an escrow agent partner.

Over the past year, nearly fifty of the world’s top issuers have used CoinList to power compliance due diligence for their token sales. This new product represents a massive increase in capability for its white-labeled solution: rather than just helping with compliance, CoinList can now integrate other tools to help issuers with payments, document signing, and much more.

The goal is to allow every token issuer to focus on building without worrying about the logistics of designing technology associated with running a token sale. The Back Office product is a huge step towards that reality.

CoinList Back Office is available now with simple pricing: after the base fee, the first 25 investors are free. But through the end of the year, an additional 25 investors are free, for a total of 50 free this year.

See a full list of CoinList Back Office features below:

Token sale management tools

  • Investor whitelisting
  • Pre-sale allocation requests
  • Investment allocation controls
  • Secure hosting of issuer documentation including white-papers and investor agreements
  • Integrated document signing for purchase agreements and SAFTs
  • Investor analytics, segment by geography, entity type, verified status
  • Collect wallet addresses for post-sale token distribution

SupportCoinList Announces Back Office Product

  • Dedicated CoinList account manager to set up and support your team before during and after your sale
  • 24-hour user support via chat and email


  • KYC/AML Solution including OFAC watch-list scan
  • Selfie Verification
  • State & Country level blocking capabilities
  • Regulation D & Regulation S support in over 20 jurisdictions
  • Accreditation based on income, net worth, or crypto asset holdings


  • Allow issuers to securely accept BTC & ETH payments with randomized wallet generation that avoids phishing schemes—you control your private keys
  • Multi-Sig wallet support
  • Secure US Dollar payment support through escrow provider PrimeTrust

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