NAGA WALLET adds a new feature ‘ICO-Hub’ to its platform

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NAGA WALLET, a part of the leading cryptocurrency ecosystem NAGA, will now feature the ICO-Hub. On 10th July, NAGA announced the launch of this new feature.

Post by The NAGA COIN on Twitter | Source: Twitter

Post by The NAGA COIN on Twitter | Source: Twitter

ICO-Hub does not simply list a number of ICOs. It provides users with a list of specially curated ICOs, handpicked by NAGA’s own team of advisors and resident experts. The team works to maintain that only the ICOs with the highest trust ratings are listed on ICO-Hub.

ICO-Hub makes user experience very simple as it only takes a few simple clicks to participate in ICOs. Investors that use NAGA coin [NGC] will also experience a faster and simpler process of payment.

Other features of ICO-Hub include special discounts and special sale conditions. The tokens are automatically distributed to users’ NAGA WALLETs upon the completion of the chosen ICO. Essentially, ICO-Hub eliminates all delay and any complications previously experienced by users. ICO-Hub offers 3 opportunities to its users, which includes, and

While ICO-Hub does simplify things for users and ICO investors, it also aids those running the fundraising ventures. It offers ICOs optimal protection via NAGA WALLET’s security solution, avoiding any fraudulent activities and scams.

Additionally, it also provides coin offerings that have maximum coverage for their token sales. With around 50,000 investors viewing the listings, the NAGA ecosystem has one of the fastest growing international cryptocurrency user bases. With 63,000 investors and about 50 million USD raised, NAGA completed its second largest token sale in 2017.

Traditional traders and investors have access to NAGA’s listings as well. The user base consists of more than 400,000 tock, forex, and commodity traders.

NAGA WALLET features the fastest way to send coins and tokens from one user to another. It eliminates the need for a complex cryptocurrency address and works simply by the users’ email address. The transaction fees are 50% lesser than other existing wallets.

It allows users to store BTC, LTC, DASH, BCH, ETH, and NGC, the world’s leading digital assets, as well as all ERC-20 compatible tokens. NAGA WALLET is built to be highly versatile and it acts as a secure solution to the issues regarding dogging digital asset ownership which act as obstructions to the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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