Bitcoin Price Predictions: Bitcoin Bulls Stand By Their Numbers, $25k, $50k, $60K? | #VentureCanvas

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Anjali Tyagi | CoinGape

Bitcoin price might have dropped below $6,400 level, but bulls predictors are not affected by this as they are standing strong to their forecasts. Fundstrat advisor Thomas Lee is confident with his $25k and Ten-X co-founder stays true to his $60k while bitcoin researcher goes with $50k by year-end.

Will the “Bitcoin Bull” return in 2018? Thomas Lee thinks it will

The last couple of days might have been a bit extreme for Bitcoin as it lost about 6 percent of its value. However, it does have started shaking the bears off as Bitcoin price climbed above $6400 level. Crypto market might not have much stability but one thing stands strong in this market even amidst the fear of charging bears. Bitcoin price predictors don’t care if the price has taken a toll and seems to hit the rock bottom. They stand and they stand strong as happened this time as well.

The recent sell-off in the crypto market couldn’t put a dent to the optimism of Thomas Lee, the Fundstrat Global Advisors head of research. Lee is sticking with his $25,000 price prediction for Bitcoin by this year-end. Lee is one of the most outspoken bulls from the Wall Street who has been a strong supporter of the crypto market.

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Source: Bitcoin Price Predictions: Bitcoin Bulls Stand By Their Numbers, $25k, $50k, $60K?


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