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On the latest news, Enigma an important blockchain related-company that focuses on privacy, announced that it has signed a partnership with the technology company Intel. The main intention is to develop blockchain scaling and privacy solutions.

Enigma and Intel Work Together

Enigma has been working in order to create end-to-end decentralized applications. The information has been released by Enigma’s founder Guy Zyskind on a blog post dated on Jun the 20th

The blog post reads as follows:

“Today we announce that Enigma is partnering with Intel on research and development efforts to advance development of privacy preserving computation technologies. As part of this effort, Enigma will utilize Intel SGX (Software Guard Extensions) in building our ground breaking privacy technologies. With Enigma’s solutions, data is protected while still allowing for computation over the data as part of a scalable, secure solution.”

According to Enigma, total transparency and the lack of clear-cut scaling solutions is threatening the development of decentralized applications. And here is where Enigma shows itself as a problem solving company by hiding input data from network nodes.

Now, Intel will be co-developing with Enigma, privacy, security and scalability solutions for blockchains.

Intel Corporation’s Vice President, Rick Echevarría said that ‘Intel is committed to enabling business transformation by shortening the time-to-value from blockchain implementations and working with the industry to address privacy, security and scalability challenges.”

The Enigma protocol is helping the environment to solve challenges on public blockchain networks with the implementation of data privacy and smart contract security.

It is important to mention that Enigma’s Testnet launch may occur within the next weeks. At the same time, the mainnet launch is expected to be in the second semester of 2018.

At the moment of writing this article, Enigma (ENG) is being traded 21% up compared to 24 hours ago with a market capitalization of $129 million dollars. Enigma is currently the 80th most important virtual currency by market capitalization.

Intel is also working with blockchain technology in many different fields and its partnership with Enigma is just another step in its goal to offer innovative products to the market.

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