OmiseGO Expand Their Innovation Operations Into Singapore

OmiseGO are one of the major cryptocurrencies that seem to be fully committed to ensuring innovation has a presence in the blockchain revolution.

As a part of this, they are working with a company called Neutrino to build physical innovative spaces for blockchain professionals, that allow for collaboration, networking and of course, innovation. The first Neutrino project saw OmiseGO open such a space in Tokyo, earlier this year, now, in their latest announcement, together with OmiseGO, Neutrino are opening a new space in a partnership with The Great Room and Global Brain in Singapore.

The space aims to bring together blockchain engineers, academics, innovators and entrepreneurs to work and collaborate, in an attempt to expand the blockchain community in Singapore and of course, to nurture fresh and innovative new ideas that can compliment the operations of OmiseGO.

According to a Medium post from OmiseGO, the Manager for OmiseGO Operations in Singapore, Nick Gan has said:

“The key goal behind setting up Neutrino is to facilitate an environment where community members can drive innovation, to collaborate and experiment together as blockchain technology evolves.” 


“Singapore is a prime location for the very first Neutrino to launch in Southeast Asia. With the country’s forward-looking Smart Nation drive together with Neutrino’s strong connections with key innovators in the blockchain space, we are confident that this initiative will help companies harness the power of networks and connect internationally.”

Through enabling collaboration in this manner, OmiseGO are looking to spearhead a new movement that incorporates education, networking, team work and communication. By encouraging people together, competition and rivalry is reduced. We see a lot of this within the crypto-sphere, with brands constantly trying to get one over each other.

Through this fostering of community, OmiseGO are going to reduce that, in doing so, the results could be quite significant. It’s a basic formula really… the more like-minded people you have working together on a similar project, in a similar space, the better the results and outcomes will be.

Hopefully, some of the bigger crypto-brands can learn from OmiseGO here, and hopefully this can drive the cryptocurrency industry into the mainstream. Collaboration is the key, OmiseGO know that.

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