DATx: Disrupting Digital Advertising Using Blockchain

Living in today’s world has taken a fundamental shift from analog to digital. This also extends to advertising as majority spend their waking hours on the internet. Whatever one does on the digital landscape, the common denominator is that data is involved. This data is used for digital advertising. In the wake of Facebook data and advertisement scandal and considering that producers of these data rarely have control over their data, blockchain’s transparency and ownership features brings some respite. Using blockchain to disrupt digital advertising is the noble goal DATx is set to achieve. DATx is “a revolutionary digital advertising terminal powered by blockchain.”

DATx is working on developing an hybrid data storage that supports both centralized and decentralized models. Hybrid model would bring about stronger user privacy and security. Transparent machine learning algorithms will be used in DATx advertising terminal, thereby resulting in a higher ROI and marketplace efficiency. With DATx, users producing data used for advertising will be in full control of their data. They can also choose to or not to sell their data. The user attention based incentivization will have opt-in and closed-loop feedback mechanism. Most importantly, a blockchain based advertising terminal means there would be an audit trail to monitor flow of funds and prevent fraud.

Like any focused company, DATx has a total of four core values which guide its modus operandi. The first and most important of them all is that data creator should have the fundamental ownership of data and digital advertising platform should not violate data privacy. Second core value states that digital advertisement should be personalized and user should have an effective feedback mechanism. Third core value says user attention should be rewarded and hence be a critical input of the machine learning algorithms. Final core value says, digital advertising platform should be fraud-less and with better payment transparency.

Using smart contracts, DATx will be able to automatically pay users for making their data available for advertising or for even consenting to being advertised to. Transparency means that all proceeds from advertising is made available for auditing. According to the roadmap published on the site, a DATx compatible advertising platform called Avazu will be launched this 2nd quarter of 2018. Over the coming months, other milestones will be reached, all focusing on growing the ecosystem, enhancing value creation and optimizing profit for both users and publishers.

On DATx advisory team includes notable figures like Patrick Dai, founder of Qtum; David Su, managing partner of Matrix China; Chen Yukun, founder and CEO of NewsDog; and several others. The Cosima Foundation is currently charged with maintaining this project and seeing to its successful fruition.

Blockchain Festival

Sitting on a panel discussing “Disrupting Content & Advertisement Block by Block”, DATx will be making a show at the upcoming Blockchain Festival Vietnam. Fellow panelists include: UUNIO, BigBom Eco and AirBloc.

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