Accepting Cryptocurrency Payment for Taxes in Florida

The Tax Service of the State of Florida has published a communication in which it is announced that it is possible to make tax payments in cryptocurrencies. This option will be available starting from summer of this year, and will be provided by payment operator BitPay. This is the first US government institution that has started working with digital currencies.

To pay taxes using a credit or debit card, you have to use the services of a third-party operator. This leads to additional costs. Mr. Joel Greenberg, a tax inspector, notes that thanks to the use of cryptocurrency, citizens can avoid additional commissions, as well as improve the accuracy, efficiency and transparency in paying taxes. “In the modern world, technologies allow access to services through online inquiries and provide effective work with clients. The government should also use modern technologies,” said Joel Greenberg.

“By using cryptocurrencies, citizens exclude the risk of fraud with bank cards and theft of personal data. In addition, the BitPay commission is significantly lower compared to bank fees,” said Jeremy Baudry, a representative of the payment service.

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